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Trail-A-Bike Let’s Your Child Join In

by Sarah on October 18, 2010

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We loved our trail-a-bike!  When our kids were younger, it allowed our family to go just about everywhere a bike could take us.  But it was even better than just pulling our children along, it allowed us to get them peddling too!


We nicknamed our aggressive wee bike riders on the back our "extra turbo power".  It’s especially nice on hills (wink wink).


The trail-a-bike attachment turns your regular bike into a bicycle built for two.  It adds an extra seat, wheel, handlebars and pedals in a single attachment that hooks right onto the back of your bike.


It allows your budding bike rider to bike over hill and dale before he can balance on his own.  And it allows you both cover more distance than his little (but getting bigger and less chubby) legs could manage on their own.


And to make things even better, trail-a-bikes have quite a few convenient factors: 

  • It can fold up easily to fit in a trunk.  If you need to drive to your favorite bike spot, you can easily take it along.
  • You can easily detach it and attach it back on.  One part of the hitch attaches around the seat post.  This main trail-a-bike frame attaches on to this with the same secure bolt that attaches your bike wheels to the bike frame.  So if you’re going solo for a ride, you can take it off in a snap.  But put it on securely again in minutes.
  • It has a chain guard to protect little feet and legs.


Trail-a-bike tips:


  1. Periodically check bolts and nuts.  This is just a simple common sense safety precaution, especially if you travel off road or on unpaved roads.
  2. Remember you’ve got an extra few feet trailing behind you.  The pivot in the hitch makes it easy for this trailer to follow along when you turn, but keep this in mind and don’t turn too sharply.
  3. Adams, the manufacturer, has no reports of children falling asleep or off the bike (except for one horseplay incident).  And we never had any problem with this.  But make sure you thoroughly discuss safety issues with your kids.  No wild west cowboy dismounts, etc.  And keep track of your children’s energy levels.  We found that our kids were so engaged with the experience that they were never near dozing off.


There are plenty of variations off the original Adams trail-a-bike model.  The original served our two kids well. 


And after a year or two on the full-time trail-a-bike, your children might want to move up to the more independent trail-gator.

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