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The Fit Family Together 7-Day Planning Challenge


There are plenty of things in life we know make a lot of sense . . .

Plenty of things that we know we should do . . .

But doing it – making it happen – is easier said than done.

Family fitness is one of these things.

It just makes sense to put family and fitness together.

In many ways it makes things easier. In our time-pressed lives, we can have more time with our families and spend more time doing healthy things together.

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But just because it makes some things easier doesn’t mean family fitness is a piece of cake.

That’s why I created this FREE Fit Family Together 7-Day Planning Challenge.

I know that most families who were determined to make family fitness part of their lives needed help in putting a plan together and getting things rolling. And this 7-Day Planning Challenge will help you do this. By the time this week is done, you will have . . . 1.     Created a complete family fitness plan for getting started; And 2.  Laid the groundwork to get your whole family motivated and excited about being active together. When you sign up for this challenge,

  • You’ll receive an email in your inbox each day for the next week.
  • Each email holds within it guidance for how to tackle a different aspect of family fitness.
  • Each email is carefully planned within the larger process to help you build family fitness into your family life step-by-step.

For 14 years, my husband and I have made fitness as a family a priority. And we’ve developed quite a few strategies and tactics along the way. We’ve put some of our best tricks and revelations in these seven special emails . . . So by the end of the week you’ll be raring to go – if not speeding off with family activities already. (On the other hand, don’t worry if you don’t get it all done in one week. While it’s something you can do step-by-step in a week, it’s no problem if it takes you longer.) The most important thing is that you started on this venture that can bring you and your family nothing but good. 5298669 blog1 150x150 7 day challenge So what’s stopping you? Sign up now . . . and let’s get going!

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  • Teddly

    I am very happy to have been made aware of your vision.  It closely mirrors the fitness ministry I have developed.  I am located in Independence, MO (suburb of KC). I would very much enjoy sharing some thoughts with you.