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by Sarah on July 29, 2011

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Today was a day of tough love. A stern talk between my husband and our daughter about challenging yourself. A renewed intensity in practicing soccer moves.  A soccer game in the rain.

As you’ll know as you read these Fit Family Together articles, from my perspective, one of the biggest pluses of family fitness is the wealth of opportunities to offer your children some tough love in a pretty safe and structured setting. This special love is one of the best gifts you can give your kids, strengthening them for life.

The rewards I see in my children’s eyes are priceless.

That being said, it’s important to couple these less tangible prizes with very tangible – often edible – rewards.

Last week we mountain biked through the woods to a community BBQ and swim.

A few days ago, we hiked up our local mountain and spent the day picking (and munching on) blueberries.

We’ve had many a long ski day that ends with the simple luxury of hot cocoa and a Jamaican beef pattie near the woodstove.

Or picking out a much-awaited video rental and enjoying it together as we rest our weary limbs.

These rewards tie up the day’s events in a nice package of satisfaction that makes the next adventure seem that much more appealing.

Every activity doesn’t have to have a reward. In fact, you do your family fitness endeavor harm if you make this a pattern. Then the rewards take over. And it’s hard to develop other means of motivation.

Nonetheless, they bring that special seasoning that can add to your family’s enjoyment of doing activities together.

As you plan your family fitness ventures, what kind of rewards do you plan into them?

-    Is it a canoe ride to a special spot on the lake where the kids love to jump off the rocks?
-    Is it a walk to a community concert outdoors?
-    Is it spending the day picking peaches so you can make homemade peach pie or frozen yogurt?
-    Is it sitting with them when you tuck them into bed and giggling over the day’s funny moves as you learned a new activity?

Share with us all your special family fitness adventure “desserts” so we can add to our repertoire.

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