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Recommended Children’s Books About The Human Body

by Sarah on April 29, 2011

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As I noted in earlier posts, nothing can get you and your children motivated to take care of your body like understanding it.

When you learn about the body, you gain appreciation for this magnificent machine that you are the proud owner of.

And with appreciation comes motivation to take care of it. As well as the knowledge for making better choices and tailoring your activities to take care of your body right.

Here are five wonderful books I recommend to use with your children to learn about the body.

Not only will these books provide you with all you need to know. But they will engage you and your kids about learning about the body.  These books bring with them intrigue and inspiration.

They make a great complement to these two posts:

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- For Your Children: A Fun Way To Learn About The Human Body

My First Body Book

Our copy of this book is worn around the edges. It’s been thoroughly examined by both my children.

I love the multilayered transparent panels in the front that show each organ system layered on top of each other.

In addition to great illustrations and explanations, it offers exercises to help you understand how your body works better.

It’s simple, durable and an effective assistant teacher for you with your children.

The Magic Schoolbus Inside The Human Body

My kids and I took many a journey with the magical teacher Ms. Frizzle. And this one was one of our favorites.

Join her class as their schoolbus becomes a snack and travels inside one of their classmate’s digestive system.

If you haven’t traveled with Ms. Frizzle yet, you’re going to love her adventures. This is just one of many.

A Wind In The Door

Madeline L’Engle blends complex science with adventure in all her books. And this one is no different. More for the older crowd – at least 9 y.o. – this book takes the reader deep inside one of the character’s mitochondria to find a way to save him.

I remember sharing many a magical night as my two kids and I snuggled together traveling through our imaginations into the subcellular level as we read Ms. L’Engle’s story.


This book is unfortunately out of print. But I highly recommend it nonetheless. You can probably find it used.

Some of the information is a bit dated (it was written in the 80′s.) But it is one of those classics, packed with so many great ways to help kids think about the body, fitness and nutrition.

More For Adults – Great References

You, The Owner’s Manual

Written by two doctors, Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen, this book is something we all should have gotten upon birth.

But since we didn’t, they created it. It gives you wonderful, often humorous, and very understandable explanations for what is going on inside of you.  Along with each explanation, the good doctors have also provided lots of great tips for healthy living.

The Human Body Book

When a teacher of anatomy says this book has taught him – and helped him understand his own surgery, you know this book has the info.

When you find that you don’t need to be a teacher of anatomy to understand it, you know this book should be on your library shelf.

This book is a reference book no family should be without.

Stock your shelves with this fine body of body tomes and you’ll be set for all kinds of questions, concerns and explorations.

Do you have some to add? Let us know in the comments:

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