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Dear Fellow Mom or Dad,

There are plenty of things in life we know make a lot of sense . . . Plenty of things that we know we should do . . . But doing it – making it happen – is easier said than done.

Family fitness is one of these things. 

It can seem so hard to make happen. Of course, it just makes sense to put family and fitness together . . . In our time-pressed lives, we can have more time with our families. And as a family we spend more time doing healthy things together.

But just because it makes some things easier doesn’t mean family fitness is a piece of cake.

That’s why we created this FREE Fit Family Together 7-Day Family Fitness Challenge

  Most families who want to make family fitness part of their lives needed help in putting a plan together and getting things rolling. And this 7-Day Planning Challenge will help you do this.In just a week . . .

          1. You will have created a complete family fitness plan for getting started; And
          2. You will have laid the groundwork to get your whole family motivated and excited about being active together.

    When you sign up for this e-course,

        • You’ll receive an email in your inbox each day for the next week;
        • Each email holds within it guidance for how to tackle a different aspect of family fitness;
        • Each email is carefully planned within the larger process to help you build family fitness into your family life step-by-step.

Plus an additional two FREE Bonus Reports Worth $20:

        • How Family Makes Fitness Easier (valued at $10) – wipe away any lingering doubts about family fitness and get yourself focused on making it work with this great, insightful report.
        • The Simplest, Most Important Move For Your Business, Your Waistline And Your Life (valued at $10) – Find out exactly how to use this sneaky simple move to transform your day – more energy and burn calories with out too much work!

Sign Up And Get Going With Family Fitness!

Between us, my husband and I have a collective 40 years of expertise in the health and wellness field. For over 16 years, my husband and I have used this knowledge and experience to make fitness as a family a priority in our own family. We started when our first child was in the womb  . . . and we still spend lots of active time together as a family – even with two teenagers! (In fact, family fitness has made the teenage years a joy – not a dreaded series of conflicts!) Today we have two strong athletic kids – confident and resilient. And us 40+ year-old parents aren’t so bad off either – we can still keep up with them mountain biking and swimming. Over the years, we’ve developed countless strategies and tactics. You’ll find our best tricks and revelations in these seven special emails . . . So by the end of the week you’ll be raring to go – if not speeding off with family activities already. In fact you’ll be so excited about this new approach to fitness – and the special benefits it brings to your family that go well beyond getting in shape – you’ll wish you started this earlier!


(By the way, don’t worry if you don’t get it all done in one week. While it’s something you can do step-by-step in a week, it’s no problem if it takes you longer. Just save the emails in a folder and work on them as you can! One of our core principles here at Fit Family Together is that every step counts. That’s the only way you get from here to there . . .)

So what’s stopping you? Sign up now . . . and let’s get going!

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A little about Fit Family Together
Fit Family Together was created by Sarah and Cassius Clachar to help other families enjoy the amazing benefits of making fitness an integral part of family life. Cassius is a personal trainer, ex-lifeguard, mixed martial arts expert, mountain biker, avid snowboarder, skater and newly-minted x-country skier. Sarah is a professional health educator and writer with featured stories published in magazines like Health, Mothering, Life Extension and Taste For Life. She loves gardening, anything to do with food, mountain biking, hiking and skiing.  And under Cassius’ tutelage she’s developed some mean kickboxing jabs and hooks. After years in the heart of Brooklyn, they now live on a small farm with their two children in northern New England where they can be found exploring the hills or herding goats.

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Get Started Exercising With Your Kids In Just 7 Days With This Fun, No-Fail Process! FREE!

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