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Laughter Lessons: Another Way Family Fitness Helps Parents Do Their Job

by Sarah on October 17, 2010

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"Mom, you look like Rumpelstilskin!"


I guess my high-stepping awkward dance I tried to develop soccer ball juggling skills looked more like a mischievous gambol than soccer.  My husband joined in the giggles as he remarked on my ponytail flopping around.


It had been a stern afternoon – arguments breaking out in the badminton game over whether the birdie was out or not.  And my husband and I eventually lecturing the two kids on the importance of learning to work things out, to compromise.  And to not lose sight of the game itself, drowned out in arguments.


As today demonstrated, family exercise not only keeps you physically healthy, but mentally and emotionally.  It provides opportunities to share in laughter.  For your kids to see you struggling to learn the ropes.  (We still can’t help breaking into guffaws when we recount how ever-competent Dad fell face-first when trying the t-bar for the first time at a ski resort).


It also provides us parents with excellent teaching opportunities for life skills – negotiating, sticking with your guns and learning to identify what is your priority in a dispute.


Laughter lessons is just another way family fitness benefits your family health.

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