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Kids Exercise Tips And Tactics

by Sarah on October 15, 2010

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Kids exercise often enough on their own (Does, "would you just sit still a minute?" sound familiar?)


But today, with all the ways kids can get lost in electronics while staying seated, we need to work a little harder to wake up that active kid inside of them.  To get kids to exercise usually takes a little extra effort.


As you’ll see here, the first ingredient we always put in here is getting active as a family.  The exercise benefits when you do this as a family are tremendous.  And modeling is a solid strategy for getting kids to do something.


Once you’ve gotten on board with the activity as a family concept, there are three basic factors that go into a good fitness-for-kids-and-parents strategy:


  1. Motivation
  2. Time
  3. Safety


And each of these can be broken down into a myriad of other issues.


So go through these pages and learn ideas that will help you . . . 


     Stay motivated and keep the rest of the gang motivated as well;

     How to fit exercise into your busy schedules – and even some ideas on making those schedules simpler to fit around your family time and exercising.


It’s funny how as adults, we don’t immediately think about safety when it comes to exercising.  But it can make all the difference in how well we can steadily progress towards our fitness goals.  Injuries can dampen any enthusiasm, if not bench you for at least a few days.


With kids, this is even more of an issue.  So we provide both basic exercise tips as well as safety tips for specific activities and exercise equipment.


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