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Keep Fitness Simple for Success

by Sarah on October 16, 2010

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Two things have made it possible for us to keep activity a constant in our family life:


  1. We keep exercise simple.
  2. We keep it small.


Yes, we are thinking about big ventures like marathons and major bike trips.  But making exercise a constant part of our family life is about keeping is simple and small.


When my kids were infants or toddlers, I didn’t stress over getting back an hour of exercise time.  I did a few curls with my babe on my stomach, giggling.  I spent 10 minutes on the treadmill doing intervals. 


Even now, as schedules in many ways have gotten more hectic.  The kids are bigger and have extra activities and we have two people working in the house, we still break it down.


I work at home so I do a few strength-building exercises with weights or take a 15-minute run on the treadmill to complement our family activities.


We often go outside for a game of tag or soccer in the evening.  Just a half hour with a few extra calisthenics.  A walk up the road or a bike ride around our just over 3 mile loop is a weekend staple. 


None of these activites have the take more than 30 minutes.  Many of them take less.  The point is that we do a little something every day and a few times a day when we get the chance.


Another great way to keep things simple and small is to find ways to bring more movement and activity into things you do all ready.  Learn how to bring this NEAT exercise idea from the Mayo Clinic into your daily family life.

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