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Indoor Kids Activities Ideas:

by Sarah on November 5, 2010

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Rainy days, snowy days . . . or days so hot and muggy you can’t stand to leave the cooler retreat of your house.

But being inside can make you stir-crazy. And plugging in to a video game doesn’t help your body get strong either. Even if it’s a Wii.

So here are some very simple ways to move even if you just have a small living room to get active in:

1. Do jumping jacks:  An oldie but still goodie.  And believe me kids can dissolve into giggles as they try to master the hands and legs coordination required.

2. Yoga and stretching.  There are some wonderful children’s yoga videos.  Once you learn a few good moves they can become favorites.  See who can hold a move the longest or stretch the farthest.

3. Dance.  Put on some good tunes and just move.  Rotate who gets to develop the dance moves and be the leader.

One of the things kids love is to be the leader.  Let one of your children be the aerobics class leader or calisthenics coach and then launch into kicks, pushups and pony-tail-bouncing jogging in place.  You might be surprised at how trying to keep up with your child’s moves you can feel the calories burn.

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