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How To Kick A Soccer Ball

by Sarah on September 3, 2012

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Wondering how to kick a soccer ball? Well, let me turn this over to my son, O, who has some great insights on this fundamental move. And by the way, notice that while this post can help any parent work with a child who’s on a soccer team, the goal of this post is to get parents and kids kicking the ball around together. As I’ve mentioned before, no need for organized team sports until 6th or 7th grade. Instead make it family fitness time . . .

I love doing sports in fall.  It is not hot enough to turn you into a sticky ball of sweat . . .

But it is still warm enough to only wear a sweater.

To enjoy many of the wonderful games this season all you need is an active family and occasionally a ball. One of my favorite sports, soccer makes family activity easy for all ages.

To get get started you only need four things for goalposts ( logs,stones,weights, etc.), a ball, an even number of people, and a relatively flat open space. Soccer rules are simple move the ball up the field and get the ball in your opponents’ goal.

In this article I will describe the basic skills in soccer so you an enjoy a game: How to kick a soccer ball and how to control it.

In soccer the ability to kick the ball and control it well may be the difference from making you a good soccer player or a bad one. If you know how to kick the ball you already have down the two most important skills passing and shooting.

How To Do The Side Kick

In soccer the single most important kick to know is the side kick. Novices are always focusing on power and kicking the ball with their toe. But it has no accuracy and if it does hit its target then you should buy yourself a lottery ticket. It may not give you power but the side kick  is the embodiment of accuracy if you do it correctly.

To perfect this kick you must

  1. Step so that your non-kicking foot is beside the soccer ball, lined up with the ball with the toes pointing at your target.
  2. Swing your kicking foot so that the side part (right above and in front of the arch) connects with the ball.

How To Control The Soccer Ball

If you can kick the ball that’s one half of it. But what you also need know is how to do is control it. Controlling the ball is how you take control of the ball as it comes towards you so you can then move it where you want it to go.

While there are lots of elaborate ways to control the ball – using your chest, thigh, or the side of the foot, the simplest way is the best way to start off.

Just step on the ball when when it comes to you.

If it’s moving a little too fast to step on it, simply line the inside side of your foot up with the ball and let your leg relax and move backwards with the ball as it makes contact with your foot. By moving back with the ball, your foot absorbs the momentum and the ball is less likely to bounce off your foot.

So go practice kicking the ball with accuracy using the side of your foot. And then – when someone sends it back to you – control it. And kick again.

How To Dribble With A Soccer Ball

Dribbling is essential for playing soccer. It’s basically running while keeping control of the ball.

There are plenty of fine points to this skill. But essentially it’s about pushing the ball forward with small kicks of your toes as you run forward. The challenge is to just kick it enough so it rolls a couple feet in front of you. Kick it too hard and you’ll lose control of the ball.

If you can kick using the inside of your foot you’ll have more control. You may find that it helps to focus on kicking with one foot in particular but ultimately it’s good to be able to kick the ball with each foot.

Key to dribbling successfully is to get comfortable enough that you can look up as you move forward.

I hope that my article on how to kick a soccer ball and control it will help you and your family have a new way to be a FIT FAMILY TOGETHER!

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