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For My Much Appreciated Readers:

Your Holiday Gift – A Free Report
So You Can Get The Best Start on 2011. . .

sneakymovemore2 small4 A Simple Exercise Strategy That Fits Neatly Into Your Workday

(No extra time required!)

So you can . . .


√    Have the energy of the squirmiest two-year-old;

√    Work through overstuffed inboxes and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing off dozens of items on your to-do list;

√    Get rock-solid focus that even the ping! of your email program will have a hard time budging;

And get into great shape while you work

Without taking any time away from your already busy schedule!

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Dear Reader,

If you’re like me, you started off the New Year taking a big gulp of air, hoping you’ll make it into the end of January- deadlines met and most tasks completed

Getting back in gear after vacation can be tough. 

But to make things worse -you may have also piled on a few New Year’s resolutions - 

Like . . . taking your business to another level through more marketing and greater productivity . . .

And the universal ones . . .

Losing weight . . . getting healthier . . . exercising more . . .

Ah, resolutions can be motivating.

But the grim reality of actually putting these into play with only 24 hours in a day is a whole other ballgame.

Hence my gift to you . . .

I’m not going to promise you this will automatically transform you into the ultra-efficient dynamo. (Although it might.)  Nor will you be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

But I will promise you this strategy will make an enormous difference in both your business and your health.

I’ve used it and seen the results. Not only has it allowed me to squeeze in a full project load while running a small farm and spending time with my family. 

But it’s also allowed me to keep moving even on the days when I can’t take a break and jump on the bike.

It’s not another workout plan or an exercise routine that will take more time out of your day.

To the contrary, it’s easy, simple and powerful.

It’s a strategy that shows you how to mix exercise with your workday. And you’ll love it because it blends the two almost effortlessly . . .

√   It’s no sweat to implement.  You can easily fit it into your existing schedule without adding any equipment or hours.

√    It can fit into anyone’s routine. It doesn’t matter if you’re a morning person or night owl.  You can have toddlers’ toddling around.  You can live in a city apartment or the country. You can even implement this if you work in an office (although it’s especially ideal for home business owners.)

√    It doesn’t cost a cent.  It’s free.  Not only that, while I recommend a few items, essentially you can do this without spending a single buck.

√    It won’t take up any extra time.  Just the opposite. It actually expands time by helping you get more done in less time. Plus you’re getting a workout and getting work done at the same time.

And when you put this strategy to work, you’ll . . .

√    Stay focused so you can stay on task.  Even the siren call of the refrigerator or email won’t tear you away from your work as easily.

√    Find energy you never though you had. Forget the 2 o’clock doldrums energy drinks promise to banish.  This does it at all hours without any sugar substitutes, caffeine or guarana. And it doesn’t rob you of sleep – it actually helps you sleep better.

√    Get in shape. With these moves you can actually whittle while you work.  While you do daily business activities you can trim your thighs and belly away without sacrificing precious work hours.

And when you put all these together,

You’ll get more done each day!

But there’s one more reason for taking a look at this approach and putting it to use . . .

It could save your life.

According to a study conducted by the American Cancer Society, people who sit 6 hours or more each day die sooner than people who sit for 3 hours or less. 

It doesn’t matter how much exercise you do, if you’re a weekend marathoner or you hike mountains.

If you sit six hours a day during the workweek, you’re more likely to die younger.

Here’s another way to look at it:

We don’t get old and stop moving.
We stop moving and get old.

And if you’re working at your computer all day, running your home business – more likely than not you’re over that 6-hour limit.

This strategy will help you get under that 6-hour line that marks the danger zone. 
And put yourself into the longer living group.

So enough said . . .

Don’t pass up these simple, free and powerful ways to help you

get the most out of your workday and stay healthy.

Just sign up below and I’ll send you the download information right away.

Looking forward to kicking off 2011 together!


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P.S. Just so you know, this report is actually the first chapter of a larger ebook I’m putting together about how to stay healthy and be more productive while running a home business. 

When you put your name down to receive this free report, you’ll also get a bunch of other nice articles and tidbits on this topic.  And you’ll be the first to know when I release the ebook . . . at special beta-pricing.

P.P.S. You probably know a bunch of home business folks.  If you think they would like this, pass the gift along. Let them know about it with a tweet, a FB post or an email. I’ll appreciate your help in getting the word out and they will too.

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