Write For Us!

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Are you a home business owner with a fitness tip or experience to share? Do you have a healthy home business story that will inspire us all?

Are you a fitness, health or productivity expert with some insights to contribute?

We welcome guest submissions. 

Please consider the guidelines below:

  1. The most important thing: I pride myself on providing heartfelt, passionate tips and insights rooted in experience. Please bring yourself into the article you write. I prefer having a story or personal experience woven into the article as well. If it’s just a dry how-to, I probably won’t publish it.
  2. The post must be original. You’re welcome to republish it on your blog 3 weeks after I publish it here. And you’re free to use it in alternative publication forms (print, ebooks, etc.) But I’d like to be the original online publisher.
  3. If you’re a content writer with some random link to a cell phone site, don’t bother.
  4. Please submit a headline and article outline before sending me your entire article. You an send them by email to sarah (at) your healthy home biz (dot) com. (Take out the spaces – they’re there just to prevent spam.)
  5. Be forewarned (and my kids will vouch for this) I will be a tough editor. I look for both good information and good writing. I will edit to meet my standards and possibly reject your submission.
  6. You can include one link to your website and one link in the bio accompanying your post. I’m glad to share some link love. But only to relevant websites that will enrich my reader’s experience.
  7. Please provide an image to go with the submission.
  8. Please be prepared to help promote the post to your networks.
  9. If your submission is accepted, I will tell you when we’ll be publishing it. And then I would greatly appreciate your involvement as a comment moderator for 48 hours after publishing.

I look forward to hearing from you with your healthy home business insights


share save 171 16 Write For Us!