Why Drink Water When It’s Winter

by Sarah on December 12, 2012

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12620211 s 300x200 Why Drink Water When Its WinterIn the summer, dripping with sweat, my throat dry and parched, I drink more water instinctively. Even my kids need few reminders to stay hydrated.

But why drink water when winter hits?

This may surprise you . . . but in the winter it may be even more important to drink water.

Here’s why:

Why Drink Water In Winter Reason #1: Winter’s Dry

When I was younger I lived for a while in Kenya where winter was the rainy season. If you live closer to the equator this may be your experience.

However, for those of us in the temperate zones, winter means indoor heating. And when temps drop outside, so does the ambient humidity. Inside and out it gets very dry.

Now unfortunately, too many health “experts” recommend getting a humidifier to increase humidity indoors.

In fact this is the worse advice to follow. Your curtains, rugs and books don’t need to be humidified. In fact, you only encourage mold growth by doing this. Mold spores are one of the worse indoor air hazards. They’re linked to serious health issues from migraine headaches to cancer to neurological.

Don’t put water in the wrong place when winter’s dryness hits.

You need to put water where you need it. Inside of you.

Why Drink Water In Winter Reason #2: Winter Roughs You Up

With winter’s dry indoor heat and cold winds, your face takes a beating.

Your skin, especially the skin of your weather-worn face, needs all the help it can get.

Moisturizers will help keep water in and deflect some of the abuse. But if there is one essential ingredient to beauty, it’s water.

When you’re first born you’re about 95% water. However, by the time you’re an adult this goes down to 55%. Water is the signature of health and youthfulness.

Water keeps your cells plump. It is key to your skin cells ability to repair themselves and maintain their elasticity.

But this isn’t just a vanity thing . . . dry skin means itchy, flaky, red and uncomfortable skin. Getting more water inside and you’ll feel more comfortable.

Why Drink Water In Winter Reason #3: Water Can Help You Stay Flu-Free

Now’s the time when you’re probably busy looking closely at every immune-boosting remedy. But there’s one that’s not talked about as much as it should be – it’s water.

Your immune system needs water to function at its best – on two levels.

First, we’re talking skin again . . .

Your skin and the mucus membranes lining your nose and mouth are essential parts of your immune system. This is your body’s first defense against invaders. The skin keeps microbes out. The mucus traps them and disposes of them. And your mucus membranes also house your body’s first responder – immunoglobulin A. Immunoglobulin A tracks down unsavory microbes and neutralizes them.

When you keep your skin and these specialized mucus membrane in good shape, you keep your first defensive walls intact.

Secondly, your water keeps the second part of your immune system – the specialized immune cells that circulate in your bloodstream – moving around inside of you.

Without enough liquid in your body you put your immune system in the position of a cop car trying to get across town in rush hour traffic. You can’t count on your immune system getting to a crime scene in time to make a difference.

In contrast, when you drink enough water, you can be confident that your immune system will more readily get to the scene of an infection sooner, before invading microbes have a chance to multiply and spread.

Why Drink Water In Winter Reason #4: Energy

As a result of all this immune activity, your body ends up carrying a burden of old busted microbe detritus and defunct immune cells. This is in addition to the build up of discarded or diseased cells and toxins resulting from normal metabolic activities.

Essentially, you’ve got a lot of trash building up inside of you.

When you don’t get rid of all this junk, your body suffers. Your systems can’t work as efficiently. You experience this as less energy. You may even have headaches and achiness.

However, when you drink more water, you help your body move this debris out efficiently and thoroughly. Lightened of this burden, you’ll feel energized and alert.

In addition, water makes up 75% of your muscle fibers and 90% of your brain.

When you get enough water you enable your muscles to work effectively and your brain to function at its best. Water helps you feel ready to move and alert.

Now, more energy is welcomed no matter the season. But in winter especially – between the frenzy of the holidays and the depressing lack of daylight – energy becomes even a more precious commodity.

Why Drink Water In Winter Reason #5: Lose Weight And Keep It Off

You’ve probably heard this before. And maybe you’ve considered it. Put it to work and you’ll understand how well it works.

First, water fills you up.

If you’re worried about holiday feasting, use water to help you eat a little less. When a snack attack hits you, try drinking a glass of water before eating something. Often we confuse hunger for thirst. And simply by drinking a glass of water, you can help cut down on unhealthy snacking and overeating.

It can’t neutralize every temptation. But it can help take an edge off your cravings.

Secondly, often we eat to take the chill off or gain a little comfort when we come in from the cold. Instead of reaching for a muffin, make a cup of tea. By drinking warm liquids – even soups – you can help your body stay comfortable without loading up on calories.

Inspired Now To Drink More Water?

Here’s some more resources on getting more hydration in you and your family this season:

In the shopping mode and looking for some great hydration investments?
Get a countertop distiller so you can make sure you have the safest water of all.
Get a soda stream so you can make carbonated water at home, cheaply and easily.

Got some other reasons why we should drink water this winter? Please share them below.

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