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by Sarah on September 9, 2011

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Working standing up has changed everything for me. I’m up. I’m active. I’m ready for action.

And I’m in good company.

Rumor has it that Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Vladimir Nabokov, Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill and Donald Rumsfeld used standup desks.  And I just read that John Adams crafted what some consider his best work – the Massachusetts constitution while standing up.

My crafty husband created one for me that has me standing and looking out over the gardens and chickens in the back.

But you don’t need a handy husband to create such a novel workplace.

Here are three different models that have great reviews and can fit any budget and any workspace:

Standup desk light

If your home office is the corner of the bedroom, guestroom or living room, this model might be perfect for you. Light and easy to wheel away into a corner when you’re not working, it makes for a nice standing workstation.  All the reviewers say it was pretty easy to put together and works well.  It may be a little short – however – if you’re tall.

Standup desk solid

This one’s a little pricier but still a steal. And if you’re on the tall side you might like the adjustable aspect to this one.

Standup desk retrofit

Here’s a great way to retrofit a desk or area of your office to work as a standup and sit down desk. It’s simple to install, simple to use, making it an incredibly easy way to transform your desk and office into a more energizing and good-for you work place. Read through the reviews at Amazon – clearly well loved.

Standup desk portable

If you’re not sure about making the commitment to a full desk, this might be the best solution for you. This affordable model is easy to put on top of your current desk and transform it for standing.

Work for a few hours this way and then you can simply remove it to return to a sitting position.

Standup Desk For The Road

I just found out about this beautiful design – lightweight and all you need is a door to hang it on.

It’s easily adjustable. So adept and sneaky, you’ll feel like a ninja using it. Hence the name, Ninja Desk.

If you travel a lot – or even if you want a super light weight and flexible work space, this is worth checking out!

Go Stand Up And Work!

Try one of these great models – or simply put your laptop on the kitchen counter a few hours every day.

And join the standup revolution!

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  • Standing Fit

    I found the PERFECT SOLUTION! It lets you CHOSSE to Stand-up or Sit-down; I have one & LOVE it!

    • Sarah

      Thanks for sharing. However, you’d still need to put something under the monitor to raise it up to a decent level so you won’t experience neck strain. And most people like something to rest their hands on while they are typing so the stand is a little narrow for my liking.

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  • Roy Furr

    I got one of these earlier this year and am standing as I write this, and at other times during the day I sit down.  It’s great because conference calls are always standing, though often for long writing sessions I switch back and forth between sitting and standing and I can do it in seconds!  Enjoy — Roy

    • clac

      Roy, thank you for sharing your experience and sharing the link. These look great. I have my old sit-down desk and a bar stool for breaks but this is a great space saver!

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  • George

    Hi Sarah,

    The “Standup desk portable” link gets a 404.


    • Sarah

      George, I’ve fixed it – sorry for the delay.

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