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Here are the tools I recommend for building a healthy home business. It’s an easy spot to find just what you need to thrive as you grow your business.  I reference many of these in my publications and articles. And I’ll be updating this as I discover new solutions.

Note: Some of the links here are affiliate links. I receive a sales commission when you click through them.

Fitness Solutions:

Stand Up Desk

Stand Up Desk II

Both of these are great options for creating a standup work area. Standing up while you work is one of the easiest and most effective ways to work fitness into your workday.

Stand Up Desk Retrofit

Here’s a terrific, well-reviewed system for transforming your current desk into an energizing, healthy-for-you standup/sit-down desk.

The 7 day Back Pain Cure Book

The Healthy Back Institute provides a comprehensive approach to back pain. And this book sums it up. If you’re struggling with back pain – which I’ve experienced – there is no better place to start than here.

Trek Desk Treadmill Desk

Walk while you work with this terrific desk based on the pioneering idea from Mayo clinic researchers. It hooks right up to a treadmill so you can type while you walk at a nice easy pace. A great way to burn calories over your workday.

Smooth Fitness Folding Treadmill

Need a treadmill to hook your desk up to? Try this model. It’s newer than the one I have, so it’s not one that I use. But according to the specs and reviews, it looks like a good solid model. Having a treadmill at home is also a great way to make sure you can fit in 15-minute workout spurts. A much better investment than the gym.

Dr. Al Sears’ PACE, The 12 Minute Fitness Revolution

Cardiologist Dr. Al Sears’ program shows you how to get healthier lungs, burn fat faster, build more muscles and a stronger heart by doing short spurts of exercise.

Balance Ball

Much less expensive than a desk chair (especially the expensive ergonomic ones) and a great way to do crunches as a quick fitness break.

Magnetic Bike Trainer

A terrific way to convert your outdoor bike to an indoor bike during the winter for a quick fitness break or to get some extra reading in while you ride.

Weighted Jump Rope

One of my favorite fitness breaks is jumping rope. Cheap, portable, doesn’t require a lot of space and gets your heart pumping.

Weight Vest

A great way to get more of a workout out of standing, squats and any other movement you integrate into your workday.

Healthy Home Biz Strategy #2: Nutrition That Fuels You Up To Take On Any Task


Waterwise Countertop Distiller

After reams of research to deal with the arsenic in our water, I settled on a distiller. And the more I learn about distillation, the happier I am with my choice. Other water purification processes depend on identifying each specific contaminant. Distillation doesn’t.  It takes the water out of the toxic brew, not the toxic brew out of the water. You can read more about why I love distillation here. Or you can just click on the link above to go and get one for yourself.

Sodastream Home Seltzer Maker

Water’s great. But some of us need a little sparkle to really enjoy it. The Sodastream allows you to make your own seltzer at home cost-effectively and with minimal wear and tear on the planet. I recommend you bypass the flavors that come with it since they have all kinds of dyes and sugars your body doesn’t want. Use fruit juice instead and enjoy a refreshing, revitalizing alternative whenever inspiration strikes.

Online How To Cook Resources:

  • Kathy Maister’s website is a wonderful place to learn basic cooking techniques.
  • Greg and Laura Everage’s website is packed with recipes and equipment reviews.  Greg told me he started this to help get more families around the table.
  • George Mateljan’s (The World’s Healthiest Foods) is packed with nutritional information as well as excellent healthy recipes.
  • Aimee Wimbush-Bourque’s Simple Bites is a wonderful mix of nourishing, healthy and pretty simple recipes, food lore and more.
  •  Leanne Ely’s puts together wonderful, healthy recipes with menuplanning, shopping lists and organizing tips to make it all easier. (I love her pistou recipe!)
  • Because I encourage everyone to grow a little food – even if it’s just some herbs on your windowsill, I recommend these two: Rodale Press has two great food and nutrition resources online – Organic Gardening and

Favorite Reference Go-To Cookbooks:

The Joy Of Cooking (1997 edition) by Irma Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker and Ethan Becker

If I could only pack one cookbook, this would be it. I sometimes think it contains every recipe under the sun. Plus it has a great glossary and other resources to help you understand food and how to cook it.

How To Cook Everything by Mark Bittman

What I love about this cookbook is that it gives you a basic recipe and then several variations. It’s a wonderful teaching guide for learning how to be more creative in the kitchen and use what’s available.

Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook That Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition And The Diet Dictocrats by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig

As a farmer I love how this book helps me make the most out of our produce and home-grown meats. As a human I love that this cookbook brings sense back to nutrition in looking at foods we have thrived on for millenniums as the source of decent nutrition.

Healthy Home Biz Strategy #3:  Architecture and a Healthy Work Environment

Healthy Home Biz Strategy #4: Sleep

Soothing White Noise Machine

I’ve used these machines when my children were babes and I needed them to go to sleep so I could go to sleep! They work like a dream! In fact, they have been shown to work even better than sleep aid pills. And unlike sleeping pills, they don’t interfere with the deep restorative sleep you need. So if you’re struggling to go to sleep, have a noisy apartment above you or the city street outside, try one of these soothing white noise machines.


Healthy Home Biz Strategy #5: Home Biz Safety






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