Are You Making This Deadly Mistake While Running Your Home Business – Ignoring Your Health?

A Detailed, Effective, Step-By-Step System For Staying Healthy - Tailored Just For Home Biz Owners

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“This is an immensely important course, for a number of reasons.I have been a freelancer myself for over 30 years now, and am very aware of how easy it is to become totally sedentary and, as a result, unfit. When I have allowed that to happen, not only has my health suffered, but the quality and volume of my work has too.
As entrepreneur Richard Branson said, when asked for the secret to his amazing level of productivity, “Work out.”
Your health and productivity are closely related. Sarah has put together an excellent course here, and an important one too. If you’re a freelancer working from home, sign up now.”

Nick Usborne

Sarah’s Course Is An Invaluable Investment

“As a business coach, I’ve helped dozens of freelance copywriters rocket their business to another level. The ones who invest in their health have a distinct edge. It gives them energy and confidence to push through the hard work of building a business.On a personal note, I’ve had to take time off from my own business to take on a major health issue. I know from my hard-fought battle how crucial it is to minimize your risk for major health problems and to nourish your capacity to fight them off if they hit. Sarah’s course is an invaluable business investment. I highly recommend it.”

Chris Marlow Get Great Clients

Sarahnew 223x300 Are You Making This Deadly Mistake While Running Your Home Business   Ignoring Your Health?

Sarah Clachar, founder Your Healthy Home Biz

Dear Fellow Home Business Owner,

My name is Sarah, I’m a freelance health copywriter and I’ve been running my home business since 2003.

Like most home business owners, solopreneurs and freelancers I’ve experienced my share of ups and downs. It ain’t easy running a home business . . .

But a few years ago I started to develop a system of doing work that changed everything about my business.

And the more I made a conscious effort to work on this and refine it as a systematic part of my workday, the more I noticed something . . .

The most successful entrepreneurs depend on this factor heavily . . .


From Jeff Walker to MaryEllen Tribby . . . Dan Kennedy, Michael Masterson, Jonathan Fields, Sandi Krakowski . . . the list goes on and on.

It’s kind of like the untold story behind the strength of their businesses . . .

What is this essential business success ingredient?

Investing in your most valuable asset – you. More specifically, your health.

See, not only is taking care of your health one of the unspoken secrets to success . . .

Neglecting your health is the deciding factor in an estimated 1 out of 6 small business failures.

Just today alone, an estimated 8 small businesses failed because this factor wasn’t accounted for.

You can see what I mean in my friend, Rosa’s*, story . . .

(*name changed to protect her identity)

Rosa had built a successful home-based internet marketing business.It was doing so well, she was able to fund an early retirement to her dream house in the country.

But then one thing led to another . . . a business investment that was a little too hefty . . . a few months of poor sales . . . and her business started slipping.For a while she was still confident that with some extra hard work she would get over the hump and get back on track.

However, the stress of it all – too much work and nothing else – caught up with her. A painful autoimmune disorder pushed her over the edge to where she knew she couldn’t recover.

She had to admit defeat and declare bankruptcy.

In the end, her health became the deciding factor in her business failure.

When Rosa called me up to tell me her story, she was embarrassed. She told me she hadn’t shared it with anyone outside of her immediate family. She felt very alone.

But when she heard what I was working on she felt she had to talk to me and tell me what happened. She hoped that by sharing her story, more home business people like you would understand the value of what I’m going to share with you . . . and hopefully escape sharing her fate by putting the special resources I’ve created into action.

Because Rosa’s not alone. Too many of us are struggling to keep up with it all. And while many of us won’t admit it, in the back of our mind, we’re worried . . . “What will happen if ?” “Can I really keep this pace going?”

However, there isn’t a lot of help out there. Sure, there’s tons of fitness, health and relationship advice.

But there isn’t much information about how to make taking care of your health part of your work day . . .

No one seemed to be focusing on how to make health part of the very fabric of how you run your home business.

Your health has everything to do with how much you can get done in a day . . . how much you can focus on your business . . . and – as Rosa experienced – even whether your business will be here tomorrow.

No business can afford to ignore this. This is why a few smart companies – like Charles Schwab for example – have invested in personal trainers, yoga classes and more to help keep their employees healthy. They know their employees’ health has everything to do with their bottom line.

But if you’re a home business owner, solopreneur or freelancer, it’s even more crucial.

Everything about running your business depends on

  • How much energy you have,
  • How well you can focus on your tasks and
  • Whether you’re up to working that day.

Essentially, your business’ success revolves around you and how you’re doing.

Your health is your most valuable business asset.

  • I’ve seen one internet marketer slow down to a crawl due to back pain.
  • Another copywriter colleague had to put just about everything on hold for a year to battle breast cancer.
  • I just got off the phone with a copywriting client who just spent 3 years battling back from a stroke. And is only just now getting back to work 4-5 hours a day.
  • Even a bout with the flu can throw your whole business off course. If it hits you at the wrong time, it may affect your business for months or even years to come.

A few operational hiccups can easily snowball into a lost business. And more often than not, a health problem ends up being the tipping point.

Okay, you may be thinking, that’s all well and good . . .

I know I need to eat healthier . . . get more sleep . . . exercise . . . spend more time with my kids . . . manage stress . . .

take care of my relationships . . .

But How? 

“I don’t have the time! I can’t focus on it! I just can’t get myself to get motivated! I start doing some exercise/ eating healthier and then I just drop it eventually . . .”

“How can I make it work this time?”

I hear you. I’ll confess  – I’m a pretty active person, an organic farmer and health writer.

And even I have had a hard time getting myself going to exercise . . .Or restraining myself from downing a dozen blueberry muffins when stress hits!

That’s why I created this system. And it’s also why this system makes so much sense.

It’s not about trying to add one more thing to your already busy day. It’s about integrating healthy habits and moves into your very workday.

And it’s not about forcing you to swear you’ll eat only tofu and will never go near a chocolate chip. No. It’s about taking small steps that help you shift internally, slowly, reasonably so that over time instinctively you’ll make healthier choices that work well with how you live.

This system works step-by-step in manageable chunks until by the end of going through it you’ll be surprised at how you’ve transformed your day . . . and your life.

By applying this system, you will not only minimize the risk of business failure . . .

You’ll have the power to reach home business success.


You’ll be able to enjoy the quality of life too many home business owners struggle to achieve.

This system will help you:

√    Become more productive: Imagine zooming through tasks with the energy and focus of a laser.
√    Gain confidence and happiness: Happiness is a funny thing to promise. But one of the best ways to boost your mental health is to boost your physical health. By staying healthier you can be sure that you’ll have more positive days. And even the tough ones will seem manageable.
√    Get slimmer and feel good: This is a sneaky system. Most of us sigh regretfully when we think about squeezing exercise into our days. When you start using this system you’ll find ways to burn calories like a furnace as you’re working.
√    Earn more money and enjoy success: Okay, this isn’t a money-making course. But nothing you read about how to boost your business will work if you don’t have the energy and focus to implement it. Or the staying power to keep it going. This course will give you both.
√    Have more time with your family, a stronger marriage and the freedom to enjoy the quality of life you’ve been working for: Health is all-encompassing. It’s not just about your waist size. That’s why this system wouldn’t be worth it’s salt if it didn’t give you tools to navigate the tricky path of running a business out of your home and nurturing your home life. Plus, once again, the efficiency and productivity you’ll gain from this course will free you up to enjoy the real rewards of business success.

This is probably the most important piece of home business insurance you can take out.

This system gives you the tools to protect your most important business asset –You.

LOVE the system!
This is a great system for the busy home-based entrepreneur who “doesn’t have time to exercise.” Sarah provides simple-to-follow nutrition, lifestyle and exercise tips that anyone can easily fit into their time-challenged workday. If you want to have more energy and feel better, this is a fantastic resource.Heather Lloyd-Martin
President and CEO
SuccessWorks Search Marketing

It’s the exact same system I use every single day to keep my home business and myself thriving and healthy . . . and be a mom . . . and be a wife . . . and run a small homestead farm . . . the list goes on.

By using it, you will be able to run your business with energy and focus.

But even more importantly,

You’ll have the energy and well-being to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Today.  And tomorrow as your business grows.

Okay, this sounds good. But if you’ve tried to make healthy changes before, you probably are still skeptical . . .

You’ve tried getting healthy before . . . and it doesn’t work.
What makes this different?

It’s incredibly hard to stay healthy while running a business. Even – or maybe especially – a home business.

A lot of us start working at home with the idea that we’ll be able to live our lives in a wholesome whole new way.

Without the commute, we’ll get our walk in . . . or go to the gym on the off-hours.

We’ll be able to say goodbye to junkfood lunches on the run and eat home-cooked meals all the time . . .

We’ll be home so we can spend more time with our kids . . . even sneak some special daytime one-on-one with our spouse . . .

But what’s the reality that creeps in before long?

Exercise shunted to the back burner while we push on to get one more thing done . . .

With no commute, you rarely get out of your house. Instead you spend more time than ever parked on your butt.

You aimlessly graze in the kitchen when a project starts to get to you . . .

And dinner? How many times have you ended up ordering out since you didn’t have time to cook . . . ?

Not to mention the late nights with the office right down the hall . . . or the fraying nerves and unraveling relationships with your spouse and kids as your business eats more and more of your time and preoccupies your thoughts.

There are a lot of internet marketing, home business gurus out there promising business success.

But there’s not much talk about the bittersweet taste of success when it comes with heart problems or divorce.

Few in the home business arena focus on how to make healthy habits part of how you run your business. No one else has created a day-by-day, step-by-step roadmap for making it an integral part of your workday.

If you turn to a health program or advice column, you’ll also hit a wall. You get lots of great tips and information.

But putting them to work is another story. You can find out what you should do. But how you can do it is too often left out.

You’ll have a hard time finding anyone to help you integrate taking care of your most important business asset – you – into running your business.

You need someone who can put the two together – running a business at home and taking care of your health.

And that’s the beautiful thing about this system.

It’s not your average mish-mosh of health advice.

It’s a careful compilation of health tactics tailored just for your life as a home business owner.

Not The Same Stuff Every Fitness Expert Is Regurgitating

“Really, really good stuff here! I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But I found it to be very approachable, well written and not full of the same stuff every fitness expert is regurgitating. Your material on interval training is dead on. So is your discussion on nutrition. These are some of the ideas I followed last year to get in better shape (Hey, I need to get back on the ball!). And you make recommendations that take into account what we face every day as work-at-home professionals. Loved it and I’m ready to apply some of the ideas right away!”

Ed Gandia, Co-Author of The Wealthy Freelancer, Co-Founder of International Freelancers Academy

This system is built on doable change.

Too often we make New Year’s resolutions or launch new ventures by diving in and expecting to make dramatic change overnight.

We tell ourselves we’ll give up steaks for tofu and get up two hours earlier to meditate for 45 minutes each day. (Neither of which you have to do with this system!)

And that’s why too often we end up failing in our new endeavors.

Our bodies and souls aren’t built for violent transformations like this.

We need a plan for cumulative change. Change we can make baby step by baby step. Change we can live with and keep as part of our lives day in and day out.

You need a way to turn something you’ve given up on because it seems impossible into something that’s doable.

Here’s how:

Apply The Tactics Of An Arctic Swimmer

If you’ve heard of Lewis Pugh, you’ve heard about the power of breaking seemingly impossible endeavors into small chunks.

Lewis Pugh is the first person to have swum in 5 different oceans. This includes swimming off the coast of Antarctica and in the Arctic Ocean.

In 2004, he took on the challenge of swimming 20 minutes in the Arctic, in water that was 29 degrees Fahrenheit, with ice floating around. In order to do this, he implemented an essential step.

He had his team place flags every 100 meters along his course.

According to Pugh, he would never have been able to complete the entire course if he just focused on the finish line. The agony of the cold waters would have been too much. His support team would have had to pull him out within 5 minutes of starting.

But by focusing his mind on getting to the first flag . . . and then the next flag . . . and then the next . . . he was able to do the impossible.

To many of us, adopting healthier habits can feel like diving into arctic waters. Our blood freezes at the thought and there is no way you can envision yourself getting to that end result.

But if you break it down to small, manageable challenges that you take on each day, you can do it.

The Big Myth About Big Problems

When we look at tragedies like divorce or illness we usually think about it like an asteroid hitting a house – something that happened all at once.

But 90% of the time it wasn’t a big thing that came out of nowhere – but an accumulation of little things.

It’s the little things we do over 20 years that add up to the disaster. Similarly, you can undo this destruction by taking small steps.

However – you could also get dismayed, thinking, “I’ll never be able to reverse 20 years of bad habits!”

Consider this – your body is desperately hoping you’ll shift things. If it was on your side doing these “bad things” you’d be dead already.

It has an unbelievable self-repair mechanism developed over millions of years.

Just by shifting towards the other direction, you’ll be giving your body a high-five and saying go for it.

And its remarkable ability to repair itself and heal will take over.

Took Me To The Next Level!

Congratulations on the Healthy Home Biz System. The information you share is so helpful and you created the course in a very logical step-by-step fashion that will help anybody find what they want fast.
Having worked at home for over 25 years I can attest to the fact that we must be proactive when it comes to our health and working at home. For years I have taken short breaks to walk outside and given my eyes a rest from the monitor. Those things helped but the specific tips you shared took me to the next level!
Working at home can be fun, and very rewarding. Thanks to your wonderful course now it can be healthy too!
Charlie Page
The Directory Of Ezines


How A Powerful Japanese Tool For Business Management Can Help You Transform Your Day

The other tactic The Healthy Home Biz System draws from is what the Japanese call kaizen.

“Kaizen” is what many business historians attribute to the Japanese success after World War II. It means in loose translation, “continual slow improvement”.

Kaizen works by making one small relatively easy improvement and repeating it until it becomes almost effortless.

And then building on it with another improvement. And another. Until a major transformation is accomplished.

In The Healthy Home Biz System, you’ll be learning how to implement small, manageable changes that you can sustain and then build on over time.

Each day you make one small change. And over time each of these relatively easy changes add up.

Baby step by baby step you will transform your workday without even knowing it.

But that’s not all we put into place to make sure you succeed.

The Healthy Home Biz System also taps into a powerful insight used by hypnotists . . .

How Hypnotism Explains Our Failure To Stick With Diets . . . And How You Can Overcome This

I’m not going to hypnotize you. But there’s a useful insight I’ve learned from the art . . .

When you fail at sticking with a diet, you’re often told you’re to blame.

That you didn’t use enough will power. You didn’t have the discipline.

And it’s true. Some discipline is a requirement for change. As you’ll find out during the course, I will push you to face off with excuses. And you’ll need to use some determination to stay on track.

But discipline can only go so far. It’s only one tool and a relatively ineffective tool when used alone.

As hypnotism and research on the mind demonstrates, we humans have a finite capacity for mental discipline. We can only focus this on so many activities at a time.

So when we start on a diet, we may do fine for a few days. We can keep our will focused on it and succeed.

But say something comes up that demands a share of that will power – an especially tough project . . . or your child is sick and you have to stay up most of the night . . .

You lose the will power you had been focusing on your diet.

And more often than not, you falter. Maybe fail altogether.

The Healthy Home Biz System does require some discipline. But it doesn’t stop there.

It also works on training your instincts.

It helps you develop an instinctive satisfaction in doing things the healthy way. It helps you crave healthy foods. And retrain your body to long for movement.

I won’t mislead you into thinking that the need for some discipline will disappear. It never does. That’s life.

But this system will make it easier. By developing these healthy impulses, you’ll need less will power to keep your healthy habits in place.

A Powerful Combination For Success

By combining these three insights into how to make changes, The Healthy Home Biz System makes it easier – manageable – to change the way you work.

And then it keeps building . . .

·    I bring my knowledge of health that I’ve garnered over close to 20 years of working as a health educator and professional health writer . . .

·    I share with you all kinds of tricky, smart, inspiring and effective tactics I’ve collected over these years, ones rooted in research and experience.

·    And I filter all this through my sensibilities as a mom, organic farmer, and person with my own share of struggles and challenges. The tactics I teach here are ones that sit squarely on practicality.

The Healthy Home Biz System puts it all together into a step-by-step system for transformation.

So What Can I Expect When I Sign Up?

Here’s how the program works:

The program is designed to tackle a module each week. With each module you’ll get a special in-depth report on the topic, an Action Kit, and an audio recording of the action kit. Sometimes I’ll send out a few extras as well.

The report gives you perspective and all the juicy insights to help you understand why it’s important to do what the plan suggests. You can use it to tweak the tactics I teach and make them your own.

And then the Action Kit breaks it down into small, manageable steps that you can implement day by day and build on.

If you prefer to get familiar with the week’s assignments when you’re washing dishes or taking a walk, you can use the recording.

In each module we’ll tackle a different area of good health:

Week 1: Introduction And Mindset
Week 2: Fitting Fitness Into Your Workday
Week 3: Nutrition To Fuel Your Day
Week 4: Ergonomics And Office Environment
Week 5: Sleep Strategies For the Tired Home Biz Owner
Week 6: Safety Plans To Protect Your Home And Family
Week 7: Nurturing Relationships That Nurture Your Business
Week 8: Managing Crunch Times And Stress
group covers 300x219 Are You Making This Deadly Mistake While Running Your Home Business   Ignoring Your Health?

Every day, you’ll have something clear and specific to do to help you shift your workday.

Of course, you don’t have to do everything exactly according to schedule. You can also look at the Action Kit as a nice list of manageable, bite-size steps to take over time.

But if you need more structure and guidance to implement this, you can follow the schedule provided and know that you’ll come out on the other side with a new way to do business and a new way of life.

You’ll discover tactics and insights like:

√    The 4 things you should absolutely do every morning to make sure your day ends on a satisfactory note.
√    What tasks you shouldn’t outsource and why.
    The way to get more out of a 15-minute workout than you can get from an hour of exercise done the wrong way.
√    The NEAT Mayo Clinic discovery that can help you burn more calories all day long.
√    A fun way to walk that will not only help you get more out of your strolls but also may entice your kids to join you.
√    Which food many diet gurus tell you to cut out. But you don’t have to give it up if you know when to eat it.
√    How you can shift your meals to support a healthier metabolism.
√    The biggest pig in your body and what tasks make it the hungriest.
√    A big myth about fats and why it’s making it harder for you to lose weight.
√    Two simple changes you can make to how you eat that will help you keep the weight off.
√    Why two weeks is an important time period when you’re retraining your food cravings.
    4 energizing nutrients and where to get them from.
√    Why water filters don’t work and what you can do about it.
    The real reason for back pain and a simple way to prevent it.
√    A $19 seat that can beat any $1000 ergonomic office chair.
√    How to protect your fingers and your eyes from wear and tear.
√    The sneaky toxin living in your house that may be robbing you of energy.
    The most important element to keeping your family, your business and yourself safe.
    How your smartphone may be jeopardizing your family’s safety.
    A counterintuitive way to use your alarm clock so you’ll get more sleep.
√    What a classic children’s book can teach you about getting a good night’s sleep.
√    What you shouldn’t have in your bedroom but what you can do about it if you have to have it there.
√    10 things you can do to help you get a good nights sleep.
√    The most important bank account you can deposit in.
    Why being ruthless can lead to stronger relationships.
√    One of the biggest communication blunders and how to guard against it.
    How to establish boundaries that free you up and help you get closer to those you care about.
√    What you absolutely need to keep in mind for getting through stressful times.
    The 2 things you need more than ever when crunch times hit.

And much much more . . .

Everything will be documented and recorded, available to you whenever you need it.

So even if you can’t work on everything right now, you can come back to it later. In fact, that’s one of the principles that makes this work.

Just take one step and do something each week. And then circle back when you’re ready to take on the next step. (Remember, the principle of kaizen?)

My goal is to make sure you succeed in making the changes essential for your success.

I’m interested! How much does this cost?

Let me reframe that question . .  .

How much is this worth to YOU?

Okay, by now you’ve pretty much decided that you can only benefit from a system like this.

You know how much is at stake . . . You know how quickly your business can go down the drain if a health issue crops up . . .

And you know in your heart how much further you can take your business with good health on your side . . .

Now, you’re probably wondering how much investing in this course will be.

Well, let me ask you this . . . How much is this worth to you?

Let’s not even get into the big numbers game of how much it would mean to save your business from failure . . .

I’m going to start simply with asking you, how much would it mean to you to get more out of your day . . .

How much would it mean to get simply one more hour of productive, focused work out of your day because you’re taking care of your health better?

Here’s a trick to figure out how much you make an hour. Take your yearly income, divide in half and take away three zeros.

So if you make $100,000 a year . . . you divide by two to get $50,000 and then take away 3 zeros to get $50 an hour.

If you earn $60,000, you’ll get $30 an hour.

Okay. So now you’ve figured out how much an hour is worth.

Now – as I have discovered – you’ll probably get at least an extra hour into your day of good solid work – probably more.

But let’s get conservative and guestimate that you’ll end up with just an extra hour a week of good work done because you’re more focused and productive.

That works out to about 10-15 minutes more each day. Seem reasonable?

So if you gain just one hour a week and you work maybe 50 weeks a year, let’s see how much more money you’ll bring in.

If you earn $100,000 now, which means you earn about $50/hour and you gain 50 more working hours over the course of the year, you’ll gain $2500 over the year.

If you earn $60,000 a year which works out to about $30/hour, you’ll gain $1500 in earning potential in one year.

And remember this is with the very conservative gain in productivity of one more hour per week.

I’ll leave it to you to do the math for more than one hour a week.  Or even more than one extra hour a day. Not to mention the week you gain because you didn’t get the flu or the month added on thanks to no back pain.

But let’s not stop there . . .

Let’s talk about a richer return:

How much is it worth to you to gain peace of mind and enjoy a whole new quality of life?

One of the biggest tragedies in my book is this:

Putting all your life’s energy into your work hoping that some day you’ll be able to enjoy what you’ve earned.

And not enjoying a single minute while you’re getting there.

Now I’m all for the discipline of saving and planning for the future.

But I’ve also seen marriages fall apart because one person keeps saying that someday they’ll make enough money to take all the family vacations they want.

I’ve seen people work incredibly hard to gain the security of a big bank account only to be hit by heart disease.

And no matter how much money you have to spend on surgery and medications, nothing replaces truly good health.

I know you’ve seen stories like this all around you.

But meanwhile we keep believing that all the contentment in life will come from more money.

And you won’t really be able to enjoy life until you get there.

And that once you have lots of money you’ll be fine. Nothing can hurt you then.

And you know that’s not true.

Money’s a wonderful thing to have. But it can’t buy you love and a lot of other good stuff.

By now I hope you understand that if you don’t take care of yourself now . . . If you don’t take care of your life now . . . you may lose the most important reasons for building a business – your family, your wellbeing. Your freedom to enjoy wealth and life on your terms.

So now it’s up to you . . .

“Your Money Or Your Life”

The Healthy Home Biz System is about getting rid of this hard choice.

You shouldn’t have to feel torn between growing your business and taking care of your health.

You shouldn’t have to feel like there’s a gun to your head and you have no choice but to give up your wellbeing in order to earn more.

The Healthy Home Biz System allows you to put the two together. And tap into the synergy of nurturing good health and running your business.

You can grow your business . . .

And also be able to savor what your success brings.

Because here’s the thing – you’re not just an invaluable asset to your business . . .

You have a life.

This is about your life. Not just your business . . . your life.

Internet Marketer Mom Of Three: “The Healthy Home Biz System Is Fabulous!

“As a mom of three and business owner of multiple companies, I really have to have a strategy for squeezing in time to work out and keep my body fit. Sarah Clachar’s Healthy Home Biz System  is filled with great ideas for creative ways to stay fit without always having to go to the gym. The System is also filled with nutrition tips as well as suggestions for making the health of your office space the best it can be so you have the quality of life you deserve and desire! The Healthy Home Biz System is fabulous!”

Sarah Cook Founder of


A Real Bargain

So I’ll let you decide how much the kind of guidance I’m offering is worth to you. Suffice it to say that this has been years in the making – experimentation, trial and error, research, notes, lots of writing and more.

For each separate module I charge anywhere from $19-$29. And there are 8 of them. Even if I just charged $15 for each module it would cost you more than $100 to buy the whole system.  If I averaged out the price for each module, it would cost you over $200.

However, I’m not going to do that. I love what this system has done for me and I want to make sure more home biz owners can put it to use.

Instead I’m charging only $69.97 for the whole system

And I’m offering a special discount today . . .

$69.97 $59.97 ($10 Savings!)

 buynow orange 2 Are You Making This Deadly Mistake While Running Your Home Business   Ignoring Your Health?

For $69.97 $59.97 you get all 8 modules -

  • Mindset/Intro
  • Fitting Fitness Into Your Workday
  • Nutrition To Fuel Your Business
  • Ergonomics And Office Environment For Productivity
  • Sleep Strategies For The Tired Home Biz Owner
  • Safety Plans For Protecting Your Home And Family
  • Nurturing Relationships That Nurture Your Business
  • Managing Crunch Times And Stress

The course itself will give you give you everything you need to transform your workday.

But to make it go even further, you’ll get 3 bonus reports:

  • Better Than Morning Coffee – How To Start Your Day For Success ($10 value) gives you 8 tips for how to get going each morning. By putting these tips into your morning routine, you set the day up for success. No matter what happens during the course of the day, you won’t end up frustrated and feeling like nothing got done. It includes a couple detailed workout routines and recipes plus loads of research and information.
  • 20 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk Or In A Small Space ($15 value) gives you a reference place for small, smart exercises you can do anywhere. Detailed descriptions of how to do them as well as safety tips are included. And most of these exercises require no equipment. Only you.
  • Smart Cookin’ For The Busy Home Business Owner – Recipes And Strategies For Feeding Yourself And Fueling Your Business  ($15 value) gives you a whole host of healthy, satisfying recipes I depend on for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it doesn’t stop there. This special report also provides you with tactics for how to get healthy ingredients without spending too much, how to cook efficiently and more. A must-have resource.

These reports complement the course putting even more tools in your hands to revolutionize your day and business through healthy living.

Now if you’re not sure if this is for you, consider this:

Each of these plans come with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee . . .

100satisfaction 2 Are You Making This Deadly Mistake While Running Your Home Business   Ignoring Your Health?Your Satisfaction Or Your Money Back

I’ve structured all kinds of aspects of this course to make it work for you – no matter what your situation.

But if you go through the material over the 8 weeks and put it to use and you decide you’re not satisfied, then I will gladly return your purchase price.

In fact I’ll give you an extra month to try it out – a full 90-day period.

But if you’re not satisfied, simply send me a note explaining why the course didn’t work for you and I’ll promptly refund you your money.

$69.97 $59.97

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Time Is Not On Your Side

Now here comes the part that no one wants to think about . . .

Time is not on our side.

I remember realizing that my kids were growing up and regretting the time I didn’t savor with them when they were younger . . .

Don’t let your days, weeks, months, years of life fly by you before you know it . . .

Don’t lose out on business opportunities because you just couldn’t manage it . . .

There’s no time like now for making the changes I’ll be guiding you through.

So if what I’ve talked about here hits a chord with you, don’t wait.

Do this now. While you’ve got the opportunity sitting right in front of you.

In addition to this deeper incentive, here’s another:

Listen To Your Heart

There’s a saying we have framed and hung on our kitchen wall,

“You only live once . .  . But if you live right, once is enough”

The words are interspersed with pictures of my husband, my kids and me on a mountain during the sunset, kayaking and jumping waves in the ocean.

Earning a good living through your business is your tool for gaining the life you want to live.

But it is only that – a tool, a pathway. Life is the bigger picture.

The great thing is that by using some strategy your business and your life can support each other.

By taking care of your health you can help your business go farther than you ever dreamed . . . without sacrificing the dreams you’re trying to achieve with it.

It would be foolish of me to promise you one course will solve your problems and bring your dreams to your doorstep.

It won’t. But with the comprehensive array of strategies, tactics, perspective and inspiration this course will give you something powerful. So that in the end . . .

You can do this yourself.

Step by step. And the first step starts with making commitment and investing in the course.

Her Tips Are Practical, Fun And Easy To Do

“I highly recommend The Healthy Home Biz System for everyone who works at home.  Sarah Clachar promises ‘a healthier you, a healthier family, a healthy home and a thriving healthy home business” and she delivers on it all plus more. Her tips are practical, fun and easy to do.  I’m keeping her system reports within reach of my desk!”


Katie Yeakle, AWAI, Executive Director

$69.97 $59.97

buynow orange 2 Are You Making This Deadly Mistake While Running Your Home Business   Ignoring Your Health?

As always, to your health and the health of your home business,

Signature Are You Making This Deadly Mistake While Running Your Home Business   Ignoring Your Health?

my pic YHHB edited 12 300x208 Are You Making This Deadly Mistake While Running Your Home Business   Ignoring Your Health?


P.S. We put too much off until tomorrow and then regret we never did it.

I did this to myself for years and often look back with regret on the things I wish I started sooner.

Don’t do this to yourself.

If this seems like the right fit for you, there’s no time like now for doing it.

And it’s no risk to you since you’ve got a full 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

$69.97 $59.97

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