FREE Guide: How One Incredibly Simple Move Can Help You Transform Your Workday

And Rocket Your Home Business Forward By Giving You . . .

  • simplemove3dmediumMore Energy
  • More Focus
  • More Productivity
  • More Confidence

And Even Help You Reverse Back Pain And Lose Weight . . .

(If You’re A Home Business Owner Who Is Frustrated That You Don’t Get Enough Done Each Day, You Can’t Afford To Miss This FREE Report)

Dear Fellow Home Business Owner,

Just like you I work at home – in fact I’ve been running my home business since 2003.

Sarah Clachar
Founder of Fit Family Together & Your Healthy Home Biz

In the morning you struggle to rally your energy and fight off procrastination and self doubt.


After lunch, your eyelids start to droop and it takes every ounce of will to stay on task . . .

But the worse thing is when you end the day . . .

Frustration bordering on desperation washes over you because you didn’t get done what you needed to get done to move your business forward.

It may mean another evening hammering away at the computer when you planned to relax . . . spend some time with your kids . . . or get to bed at a decent hour . . .

Or a sleepless night worrying about the next morning . . .

And it doesn’t end but keeps churning into a larger task list . . . and bigger worries about keeping up with it all.

It ain’t easy running a home business!

Believe me, I’ve been there.

But then, a few years back I started doing one simple move that helped me to minimize these home business “hazards”. . .

Ever since I started doing this move I’ve been able to change how my day goes dramatically. With this one action, you can . . .

√  Get projects done much more quickly without self-doubt and procrastination getting in the way. Those naysayers in your head grow remarkably quiet when you do this.

√    Tap into a well of energy. I’ve even survived a few crunch times with little sleep and no caffeine just by implementing this.
√    Focus like a laser on your to-do’s. You’ll be surprised at how this simple change in how you work translates into an incredible ability to rope in your attention and put it to work.
√    Shave away the extra pounds on your hips and belly that sneak up on you from sitting at a desk.
√    Work through back pain and heal. In fact, a few months ago this saved me from having to postpone a string of deadlines when I wrenched my back moving a wheelbarrow load while gardening.

To sum it up – you can get more done and feel satisfaction – not worry – at the end of the day!

It’s an absolute necessity for any home business owner’s productivity arsenal.

And best of all . . .

It didn’t take new technology. . . or special apps . . .

It didn’t take eons to learn how to do . . .

Or extra time to implement . . .

I didn’t have to hire a VA or a sitter . . .

It was one of the simplest changes I’ve made in my business

Now just to be clear . . .

I’m not trying to oversimplify the day-to-day battles we all wage each day to get through our workday.

Honestly, this one move is not an absolute cure-all.

There’s a lot more you can do during your workday to help you combat these hazards even more effectively. (Which I’ll tell you about in subsequent reports and articles.)

But this one move is so effective . . . and so incredibly simple to do . . . that you will literally slap your forehead when you find out about it. (I did!)

Fair Warning: Perhaps the biggest obstacle to implementing this lifesaver is, frankly, it’s a little non-traditional.

But when you read this report, your objections will have a hard time holding sway.

Grab this FREE comprehensive report and find out

-    Why you absolutely can’t afford not to do this.
-    5 smart ways to incorporate this move into your workday.
-    5 easy ways to boost its effectiveness by adding just a few tweaks to it
-    And even some special office changes you can make to get even more of this in.

I’m not going to spill the beans here. You have to read the report to get the full scoop.

But I promise you, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t take advantage of this. You’ll be missing out on one of the simplest, cheapest, centuries-old, most effective thing you can do to improve productivity, health, build your business and increase your confidence.

It’s probably the easiest thing you can do to add turbo power to your workday.

Simply sign up right here and I’ll send you the download information right away.

To your health,


Sarah Clachar has been writing, researching and teaching about health for over 20 years. Her insights have been published in major publications like Health and Mothering as well as by pioneering health companies like Sun Chlorella USA, Jigsaw Health and Metagenics.

P.S. I don’t want you to miss out on this transformative but simple trick. So just to allay any worries, when you subscribe here to get this free report you’re under absolutely no obligation to buy anything from me. It simply makes it possible for me to send you this information and tell you about a few other very unique resources I’ve created to run your home business without running yourself into the ground.

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FREE Guide: How One Incredibly Simple Move Can Help You Transform Your Workday