Are You Feeling Ripped Apart As You Try To Nurture Your Family AND Build Your Home Business?

Delve into these secrets for strengthening both

Sarah Clachar
Founder of Your Healthy Home Biz and Fit Family Together

Dear fellow home business owner,

No way around it – relationships are messy.

They don’t fit neatly into meeting agendas. Nor do they stick with office hours. And it’s impossible to create a profit-loss report on a relationship. How do you assign a dollar value to the joy you feel when you look into your loved one’s eyes? Or the frustration, anger – devastation – when you see walls coming up between you?

Relationships are challenging and incredibly rewarding. They are what nourishes us and spurs us on to do incredible things.

But they can also wreak havoc with the regimented demands of running a business.

And it gets even worse when the boundaries get fuzzier because you run your business out of your home, in the thick of family life and all the vital chaos that brings.

That’s why I put this Healthy Home Business Guide on Relationships together.

Your Guide For Nurturing Your Relationships So They Can Support You And Your Business

I was amazed when I saw the statistic – that 1 out of 6 small businesses failed due to personal reasons, namely illness or divorce.

But my gut knew it made sense.

I’ve had days when because of tension with my husband or an issue with one of my children it feels impossible to focus on my work.

I shut the door and try to get down to business. But my heart and soul are ready to break down the door, desperate to be with the person on the other side and work things out.

By the same token, there have been days when I’ve blithely retreated from issues I don’t want to face by diving into work. This is the unfortunate mode I grew up with where work – and success at work – was a way of compensating for (and ignoring) problems at home.

As a home business owner you’re constantly juggling between home and work.

More specifically, your constantly shifting your attention from clients’ needs to children’s needs, from business problems to family problems – and yes, let’s not forget the good stuff – from biz success stories to those moments at home when love is no longer an idea. But a tangible force rippling through you as you enjoy your closeness with your child or spouse.

The truth is – running a business can be all-consuming. And no question, having a family is all consuming.

The trick is to figure out how to nurture both so they can in term be complimentary aspects of your life – not opposing forces. At least most of the time!

Over the course of over a decade and a half as a wife, mother, farmer and home business owner, I’ve developed some very good tactics and strategies in this arena.

And I’ve put them all right here in the Healthy Home Business Relationships Guide:

Now let’s be clear, I’m not going to say this is a guide on achieving balance between work and family. For a number of reasons:

1. Nothing natural in this world is balanced. Instead, the world works by constantly seeking balance and recalibrating. But most beautiful and significant natural phenomena – from the creation of the universe to the sprouting of a seed – depend on a shift away from balance and the momentum this creates.

2. I firmly believe that work and making money is a necessary part of life – and a rewarding part of life. But ultimately, your focus and center should be on your relationships. No matter how important your guidance and expertise is to your clients and customers, your presence is even more central to your family. There you’re absolutely irreplaceable. And it is in these relationships – because of the challenge they present – you’ll find yourself a wiser and richer person than any bank account can make you.


For this reason, while this guide focuses on how to create a successful business. It does it in the context of how to create one that supports your family life. And in turn allows your family to support your business-building work as well.

It’s a guide for creating a home business that gives you the financial power and freedom to create the life you dream of. But without sacrificing the close relationships that make this achievement that much sweeter.

Amazingly enough, you’ll find as you take some of the recommendations in this guide and apply it to your business and family life, you’ll find you have more energy and more focus to devote to your business.

Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation.

To accomplish this, I’ve pulled together a powerful set of resources, strategies, tactics and inspirational insights . . .

Like . . .

  • 6 ways your relationships fuel your business. This understanding cam help you see the interplay between your business and your relationships in a new light and help motivate you to work on this interplay;
  • The ugly truth behind why it’s so easy to put relationships secondary to work;
  • A new business accounting method that can help you with your family life;
  • Why diamond commercials are misleading and cause more harm than good;
  • A new vision of wealth and frugality and how this can help you become richer than you ever imagined;
  • How to set goals for your business in a holistic way – a step-by-step process;
  • 7 questions to ask yourself about why you started your home business;
  • A loving 3-step cure for procrastination and distraction (I use this all the time!);
  • Why and where you need to be ruthless;
  • The business talk you should have with your children – even if they’re only just talking themselves;
  • The big mommy-myth we cave into that defeats our business goals – and our children’s development as well;
  • The letter you should write that can change your marriage;
  • The truth behind technological efficiency that you need to pay attention to;
  • My secret email line that gets me better clients AND more family time;
And much much more.

It’s truly a valuable guide tackles some of the specific relationship challenges home business owners face. It’s an invaluable ally for strengthening your relationships at home so you can build a stronger home business.

What’s In The Healthy Home Business Relationship Package?

Different people need different kinds of information to help them make changes. That’s why I use this three-part approach for each of my Healthy Home Biz modules.

With the Healthy Home Business Relationship Package you get:

1. A Special Report - Like all my modules, this section combines thorough research with common sense wisdom to give you a thorough understanding of the problem and the solutions.
2. An Action Kit - This section translates the information in the report into a set of tangible steps you can take one-by-one to nurture your relationships in the context of being a home business owner. It breaks the changes I advise down into manageable baby steps so you won’t feel overwhelmed in making them.
3. Action Kit Podcast - I know I know – you’re busy! That’s why I’ve also recorded the Action Kit section so you can listen to it in the car, on a walk or (my favorite) while doing the dishes.
Plus as a bonus, I’ve included a Holistic Home Business Goal-Setting Form.

With this Healthy Home Business Relationship Package, you’ll be able to enjoy the unique experience of melding your business-building work with your home life. Instead of resenting one or the other for the challenges they bring.

By doing so, you’ll

  • Enjoy the closeness and support that comes from building strong family bonds . . .
  • Have more clarity to help you structure your business and your home life to support each other . . .
  • Be able to relax more and enjoy your family and the rewards of business success . . .
  • Be able to focus and get more done because your attention isn’t being pulled away from your business when you need to work . . .
  • Have increased energy – doubt, frustration and simply the ongoing drain of unresolved issues can suck away at your vitality. With this guide you’ll be able to constructively solve problems reducing the strain on your psyche and energy levels;
If you feel like you’re constantly defending your business to your family and your family against your business . . .
If you feel pulled in too many directions . . .
If you feel frustrated and resentful that you’re not able to be the mom/dad you want to be . . . or the business success . . .
If you have a vision of a warm and close family life and a successful business that sustains this  - but haven’t quite been able to achieve this . . .
You’ll love this guide on relationships and your home business.

How Much Is Having Strong Relationships Along With A Solid Business Worth To You?

When you consider that divorce is a leading cause of small business failure, you can see how this information may be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you.

Think about the way that an unraveling home life can make you distracted and drain you of energy – costing you clients, customers and hundreds of dollars.

But that doesn’t even begin to account for the losses you suffer that you can’t measure in dollars?  Like when your marriage frays at the seams and your grumpy self is all your children know of you . . .
Like when you have a growing bank account but that empty feeling of having no one to share the sweet rewards of success with . . .
By helping you keep your relationships strong while working at home, this guide is invaluable.

That’s why it’s current price of $19.97 $14.97 is a steal!

buynow orange 2 Sneak Fitness Into Your Workday

But here’s the thing . . .

This guide wouldn’t work as well if you don’t go through my introductory module on mindset.

So along with the Relationship Guide Package I’m also including the 3-part intro module that helps you shift your mindset to making the tips in here work.

Just like the Relationship Guide, this module includes a special report, an action kit and a podcast to take with you anywhere (A $19.97 value).

And I’m still only charging $19.97 $14.97 for both modules. (That’s 2 special reports, 2 Action kits, 2 recordings and the bonus holistic goal-planning form.)

Finally, like all my info-packed, wisdom-infused guides, this comes with a 90-day, 100%, one-condition satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you decide you’re not satisfied with this. That it didn’t give you invaluable tactics for strengthening your home life so you can build a solid business, you can simply let me know and I’ll issue a complete refund.

All I ask is that you tell me why you were dissatisfied – that’s my one condition.

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeMy 1-Condition, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the course, you can let me know and I’ll refund you your purchase price pronto. However, I have one condition: All I ask is that you tell me why you weren’t satisfied with the course when you request a refund.

So there’s absolutely no risk to you.

All you have to ask yourself is why would you risk not trying this out? And seeing what a difference it can make in building your home business – and enjoying how it enriches your family life.

Fans of the Healthy Home Biz System


Took Me To The Next Level!
Sarah, Congratulations on the Healthy Home Biz System. The information you share is so helpful and you created the course in a very logical step-by-step fashion that will help anybody find what they want fast.
Having worked at home for over 25 years I can attest to the fact that we must be proactive when it comes to our health and working at home. For years I have taken short breaks to walk outside and given my eyes a rest from the monitor. Those things helped but the specific tips you shared took me to the next level!
Working at home can be fun, and very rewarding. Thanks to your wonderful course now it can be healthy too!
Charlie Page, Owner, The Directory Of Ezines


Sarah’s Course Is An Invaluable Investment
“As a business coach, I’ve helped dozens of freelance copywriters rocket their business to another level. The ones who invest in their health have a distinct edge. It gives them energy and confidence to push through the hard work of building a business.On a personal note, I’ve had to take time off from my own business to take on a major health issue. I know from my hard-fought battle how crucial it is to minimize your risk for major health problems and to nourish your capacity to fight them off if they hit. Sarah’s course is an invaluable business investment. I highly recommend it.”
Chris Marlow Get Great Clients


Mom Of Three: “The Healthy Home Biz System Is Fabulous!”

As a mom of three and business owner of multiple companies, I really have to have a strategy for squeezing in time to work out and keep my body fit. Sarah Clachar’s Healthy Home Biz System  is filled with great ideas for creative ways to stay fit without always having to go to the gym. The System is also filled with nutrition tips as well as suggestions for making the health of your office space the best it can be so you have the quality of life you deserve and desire! The Healthy Home Biz System is fabulous!

Sarah Cook Founder of


Not The Same Stuff Every Fitness Expert Is Regurgitating
“Really, really good stuff here! I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But I found it to be very approachable, well written and not full of the same stuff every fitness expert is regurgitating. Your material on interval training is dead on. So is your discussion on nutrition. These are some of the ideas I followed last year to get in better shape (Hey, I need to get back on the ball!). And you make recommendations that take into account what we face every day as work-at-home professionals. Loved it and I’m ready to apply some of the ideas right away!”
Ed Gandia, Co-Author of The Wealthy Freelancer, Co-Founder of International Freelancers Academy


An Immensely Important Course
“This is an immensely important course, for a number of reasons.I have been a freelancer myself for over 30 years now, and am very aware of how easy it is to become totally sedentary and, as a result, unfit. When I have allowed that to happen, not only has my health suffered, but the quality and volume of my work has too.
As entrepreneur Richard Branson said, when asked for the secret to his amazing level of productivity, “Work out.”
Your health and productivity are closely related. Sarah has put together an excellent course here, and an important one too. If you’re a freelancer working from home, sign up now.”

Nick Usborne


buynow orange 2 Sneak Fitness Into Your Workday

Relationships Can Strengthen Your Business . . . Or Undermine It . . .

Your Business Can Sustain Your Family Life . . . Or Rip It Apart . . .

If you’re worried about what’s happening to your family as you work on your business . . .

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the resentment filling the house . . .

If you love your family and want to be able to share with them the joy of creating a business – not defend it . . .

If you want some tried-and-true tactics and strategies for strengthening your relationships while building your business . . .

I urge you to invest in this invaluable tool so you can grow your business successfully without undermining your life. 

To your health and the health of your home business,


A Little About Sarah Clachar

For close to 20 years Sarah has been teaching, writing and researching about health.  Since 2003, she’s been doing this from her home, as a freelance health writer. With a BA in biology and a strong personal commitment to health, Sarah writes from experience and technical expertise. Her writing has been published in magazines like HealthMotheringLife Extension and Taste For Life. And she writes regularly for well-established health companies like Sun Chlorella USA, Jigsaw Health, BioActive Nutrients and more.

When she’s not tied to her computer, Sarah and her husband and two children tend a small farm where they raise a large percentage of their food. In addition to weeding and chasing pigs, she and her family can be found mountain biking around the hills of northern New England, swimming, hiking, enjoying good home-cooked food and practicing jiu jitsu and kickboxing.

buynow orange 2 Sneak Fitness Into Your Workday

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Are You Feeling Ripped Apart As You Try To Nurture Your Family AND Build Your Home Business?