Are You Putting Your Home Biz At Risk?

Too many home biz owners don't take these precautions - and jeopardize their health, their home, their biz and even their life

Sarah Clachar, Founder of Your Healthy Home Biz and Fit Family Together

Dear Fellow Home Business Owner,

Every morning when I used to commute to work, I had to walk the mean streets of Brooklyn, keeping my eyes open and alert to everyone around me.

I’d hear some shouting on the corner and my heart would start thudding a little louder. Waiting for the train, I was keenly aware of the guy talking to himself a few paces away.

Driving to work wasn’t much better – who needs action movies when you can drive the streets of New York. Every nerve was on edge. Every time I reached my office – or returned home again, I whispered a quiet “thank you” glad to have arrived in one piece.

So when I started working from home, I felt like I cut out 50% of my risk of injury or death. This increased tenfold when we moved up to our little farm in New England.

Home is where you feel safe and secure. It’s your fortress – your sanctum where you can retreat from the chaos of the world around you. And nothing seemed safer than working from home . . .

But there’s some holes to this idea . . .

The Dangers Of Working At Home

True – when you’re not braving the commuter rush, you avoid aggression and accidents galore.

But there are new risks you face at home . . . and particularly so when you run your business out of your home.

The peace and quiet of the neighborhood when everyone’s away at work also makes you more vulnerable . . . thieves usually plan robberies during the day when they suspect most people are away at work . . .and if you’re not careful, all that online marketing can turn into a nightmare if some nut of a client decides out of anger or blinded love that they want to track you down and invite themselves into your home.

These aren’t idle bits of paranoia – these are very real concerns. Concerns that to some degree – whether you live in the city or the country – are considerations you should incorporate into your business plan.

Working at home affords you enormous comfort, security and flexibility. But there are particular hazards to it as well.

And The Healthy Home Business Guide To Home Biz Safety walks you through a step by step process of evaluating your safety and creating a game plan to minimize your risk.

So you can enjoy the benefits of working at home without added insecurity to you, your family, your home or your business.

Your Guide For Keeping You And Your Business Safe

True confession: I’m not the first person you’d turn to as a safety expert. When I was little I merrily wandered off into the nearby woods day and night to explore. We didn’t even have a key to lock the front door when we left for vacation. We’d simply put my grandmother’s silver under the couch and hope for the best.

But my family was lucky – and that was a different time.

Today, even in my quiet country setting we have robberies and home invasions. As crystal meth and heroin use increase in the nearby towns, more and more miserable souls ready to share their misery head towards the outskirts looking for quick money.

And crime isn’t the only threat. For many years I worried about my mother who lived alone in a little house in the woods getting injured and no one knowing for days.

Furthermore, I’ve learned much from my husband who grew up with a very different perspective.

He grew up in the meanest town there is – Kingston Jamaica. Since childhood, his radar has been on high alert.

Years later, in his late twenties – against all odds – he transformed some gang-ridden community centers of Brooklyn’s toughest neighborhoods like East New York and Bedford Stuyvesant into safe zones for children and families. By applying strategic thinking and some much needed common sense, he prevented conflicts and fostered security that was desperately needed.  Additionally, as a mixed martial art expert and sharpshooter, he’s taught me and our children how to take care of ourselves.

He’s an expert when it comes to understanding danger and working to prevent it.

To be clear – while I touch on self-defense skills in the Guide, the main purpose of the Guide is to help you prevent the need for physical self-defense. Because as any safety expert will tell you, the best way to stay safe is to pre-emptively plan and avoid accidents or conflicts.

That’s what this Healthy Home Biz Guide On Safety is for.

Safety Guide For Home Business Owners

This guide helps you identify risks you’re particularly vulnerable to as a home business owner. And then walks you through developing a plan to minimize them.

It provides you with tips, tactics, strategies and resources. So you can take control of the security of your home and your business pro-actively . . . Rather than regretting you didn’t do something when you could have and suffering from unnecessary injury or loss.

It includes invaluable insights and resources like:

  • Live alone? Three things you can do to develop an extra safety net for yourself;
  • The most important thing you can do to prevent becoming a victim of a crime;
  • The words I send my children off to school with each morning – and tell myself – that may make all the difference in how the day progresses;
  • What should be your priority if you learn self-defense or purchase a gun;
  • What many business coaches tell you to do that could get you in trouble – and what to do instead;
  • What you should ask every time when you schedule a repair at your home;
  • Something every home business owner should have – but many don’t use this, putting their business and their families at risk;
  • 3 things you should use to guide your activity online;
  • 5 ways to minimize your risk of identity theft.
And much much more.

Every home business owner should go through this process of evaluating your risk and taking security measures.

Just like you have taken charge of your life by creating a business at home, this guide will help you take charge of your life so you won’t become a victim.

Every part of this guide is carefully thought out, researched and draws from best practices of safety experts like my husband. It will give you tangible ways to change your working environment to be more secure.

What’s In The Healthy Home Business Safety Guide?

Different people need different kinds of information to help them make changes. That’s why I use this three-part approach for each of my Healthy Home Biz modules.

With the Healthy Home Business Safety Guide you get:

1. A Special Report - Like all my modules, this section combines thorough research with common sense wisdom to give you a thorough understanding of the problem and the solutions.
2. An Action Kit - This section translates the information in the report into a set of tangible steps you can take one-by-one to reduce risks you face as a home business owner. It breaks the changes I advise down into manageable baby steps so you won’t feel overwhelmed in making them.
3. Action Kit Podcast - I know I know – you’re busy! That’s why I’ve also recorded the Action Kit section so you can listen to it in the car, on a walk or (my favorite) while doing the dishes.
Safety is a critical part of health – unfortunately too often overlooked. It requires a little thinking up front – but can result in less heartache and misery down the line.
As I’ve learned over the years, it’s better to give some thought to the potential problems you face, than fall victim to them. Ignorance is not bliss when you end up becoming the victim.
This 3-part Healthy Home Business Safety Guide shows you how to prevent this.

When you decide to work on the safety issues around owning a home business, you’ll

  • Prevent costly disasters like identity theft from robbing you blind. I’ve had two friends spend years trying to untangle themselves form this morass. Find out exactly what you can do to prevent it. (Hint: LifeLock isn’t everything!)
  • Gain a sense of confidence and control over your life. The beautiful thing about developing safety skills and savvy is that it gives you an inner sense of strength. This spreads well beyond the realm of keeping you safe.
  • Protect your family. The terrible thing is that the risks of business can sometimes come home to hit your family too if you’re not careful.
  • Enjoy peace of mind. If you feel uncomfortable and worried about working at home, this guide will give you solid ideas for putting measures into place that will give you the sense of security you need to focus on your business.
Safety is a critical part of your health and your business’ solidity.  When you put some thought and energy into planning for security, you plan for enjoying your business’ success – and not having it robbed away from you.

How Much Is Investing In Your Safety Worth To You?

How much do you value working in the safety and comfort of your home? How much do you enjoy watching your kids play outside while you get a project done?

How good does it feel to watch your bank account grow through hard work in building your business?

Now imagine losing any of those – your bank account . . . your home . . . or – heaven forbid – your family’s wellbeing.

I know these are not easy thoughts. But they’re the kind of thoughts that help you ensure this won’t happen.

It’s impossible to put a dollar value on peace of mind . . . or preventing a disaster.

But based on the heartache and misery I’ve learned about over the years when people find themselves in this situation, the investment of $19.97 $14.97 to help reduce your risk of losing these is a smart investment, worth every penny and more. 

buynow orange 2 Sneak Fitness Into Your Workday

The Safety Guide is a great investment. But that’s not all you’ll get with this purchase . . .

Even if you know you need to do something, it’s sometimes hard to make the changes. In fact it can feel overwhelming and end up paralyzing you.

That’s why along with the Healthy Home Business Safety Guide Package I’m also including the 3-part intro module that helps you shift your mindset to making the tips in here work.

Just like the Healthy Home Business Safety Guide, this module includes a special report, an action kit and a podcast to take with you anywhere (A $19.97 value).

And I’m still only charging $19.97 $14.97 for both modules.

Finally, like all my info-packed, wisdom-infused guides, this comes with a 90-day, 100%, one-condition satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you decide you’re not satisfied with this. That it didn’t give you invaluable tactics for making you and your business more secure, you can simply let me know and I’ll issue a complete refund.

All I ask is that you tell me why you were dissatisfied – that’s my one condition.



Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeMy 1-Condition, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the course, you can let me know and I’ll refund you your purchase price pronto. However, I have one condition: All I ask is that you tell me why you weren’t satisfied with the course when you request a refund.

So there’s absolutely no risk to you.

All you have to ask yourself is why would you risk not trying this out? And seeing what a difference it can make in your peace of mind thanks to better home and business security.


Fans Of The Healthy Home Biz System


Took Me To The Next Level!
Sarah, Congratulations on the Healthy Home Biz System. The information you share is so helpful and you created the course in a very logical step-by-step fashion that will help anybody find what they want fast.
Having worked at home for over 25 years I can attest to the fact that we must be proactive when it comes to our health and working at home. For years I have taken short breaks to walk outside and given my eyes a rest from the monitor. Those things helped but the specific tips you shared took me to the next level!
Working at home can be fun, and very rewarding. Thanks to your wonderful course now it can be healthy too!
Charlie Page, Owner, The Directory Of Ezines

Sarah’s Course Is An Invaluable Investment
“As a business coach, I’ve helped dozens of freelance copywriters rocket their business to another level. The ones who invest in their health have a distinct edge. It gives them energy and confidence to push through the hard work of building a business.On a personal note, I’ve had to take time off from my own business to take on a major health issue. I know from my hard-fought battle how crucial it is to minimize your risk for major health problems and to nourish your capacity to fight them off if they hit. Sarah’s course is an invaluable business investment. I highly recommend it.”
Chris Marlow Get Great Clients

Mom Of Three: “The Healthy Home Biz System Is Fabulous!”

As a mom of three and business owner of multiple companies, I really have to have a strategy for squeezing in time to work out and keep my body fit. Sarah Clachar’s Healthy Home Biz System  is filled with great ideas for creative ways to stay fit without always having to go to the gym. The System is also filled with nutrition tips as well as suggestions for making the health of your office space the best it can be so you have the quality of life you deserve and desire! The Healthy Home Biz System is fabulous!

Sarah Cook Founder of

Not The Same Stuff Every Fitness Expert Is Regurgitating
“Really, really good stuff here! I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But I found it to be very approachable, well written and not full of the same stuff every fitness expert is regurgitating. Your material on interval training is dead on. So is your discussion on nutrition. These are some of the ideas I followed last year to get in better shape (Hey, I need to get back on the ball!). And you make recommendations that take into account what we face every day as work-at-home professionals. Loved it and I’m ready to apply some of the ideas right away!”
Ed Gandia, Co-Author of The Wealthy Freelancer, Co-Founder of International Freelancers Academy
An Immensely Important Course
“This is an immensely important course, for a number of reasons.I have been a freelancer myself for over 30 years now, and am very aware of how easy it is to become totally sedentary and, as a result, unfit. When I have allowed that to happen, not only has my health suffered, but the quality and volume of my work has too.
As entrepreneur Richard Branson said, when asked for the secret to his amazing level of productivity, “Work out.”
Your health and productivity are closely related. Sarah has put together an excellent course here, and an important one too. If you’re a freelancer working from home, sign up now.”

Nick Usborne


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Don’t Let That Happen To You . . .

If you’ve ever watched the news and thought – what would I do if that happened to me . . . 
If you’ve listened to a friend’s tragic story and hoped and prayed you never have to deal with something like this . . .
If you’ve been the victim of a crime or accident and want to regain your peace of mind by taking charge . . .
Or if you haven’t really given this much thought  - but now that I’ve brought this up it seems like a good idea . . .
Get a copy of the Healthy Home Business Safety Guide.
Certainly, there are things that happen in this world that come from out of nowhere. But 9 out of 10 times we can take measures to prevent a disaster or at least minimize its impact on us.
The Healthy Home Business Safety Guide gives you the blueprint for doing this in your home, your home business and your life.
So you can enjoy the comfort and rewards of working at home – and not regret it.

To your health and the health of your home business,


A Little About Sarah Clachar

For close to 20 years Sarah has been teaching, writing and researching about health.  Since 2003, she’s been doing this from her home, as a freelance health writer. With a BA in biology and a strong personal commitment to health, Sarah writes from experience and technical expertise. Her writing has been published in magazines like HealthMotheringLife Extension and Taste For Life. And she writes regularly for well-established health companies like Sun Chlorella USA, Jigsaw Health, BioActive Nutrients and more.

When she’s not tied to her computer, Sarah and her husband and two children tend a small farm where they raise a large percentage of their food. In addition to weeding and chasing pigs, she and her family can be found mountain biking around the hills of northern New England, swimming, hiking, enjoying good home-cooked food and practicing jiu jitsu and kickboxing.

buynow orange 2 Sneak Fitness Into Your Workday

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Are You Putting Your Home Biz At Risk?