Home Business Owners, Put The Right Fuel In Your Home Business Engine (You!) And Watch Your Business Rocket Forward!

Experience more productivity and energy! Less worry and guilt with this unique nutrition strategy custom-made for home business owners!

Your home office is probably right down the hall from your kitchen . . .

Which can be a good thing . . .

Or a bad thing . . .

It all depends on whether your kitchen becomes  an ally in taking your home business to new heights.

Or another distraction and temptation.

It can be why you have the energy and focus you need to implement successful online marketing campaigns . . .

Or the reason why you’ve developed the dreaded Internet Marketers Butt (IMB).

Because here’s the thing -

What you eat has everything to do with where your home business goes


You are your business’ most valuable asset . . .

Not your computer or your iphone or your bookshelf of courses. You are what makes it all click together and become a business.

Your business depends on you.

If you’re not performing at your best, your business suffers.

But when you can zip through tasks with energy and focus . . . boosting your productivity . . .

Your business can only thrive.

The fuel you put inside of you has everything to do with how well your business does.

Eating right can make the difference between success and failure.

Good food is good for you – and your business.

Of course you know this stuff . . .

But eating right is easier said than done

First, you have to sort through all those diets and health books.

Every day it seems they come out with something new you should be eating. . . 

Or something else that you shouldn’t go near with a ten-foot pole . . .

And even if you can sort through all the different messages (which isn’t easy!),

You then have to get yourself to eat like all those diet gurus and health experts say you should . . .

Now, try to do that when you’ve got deadlines bearing down on you and that bag of chips singing its siren song in the kitchen.

It’s frustrating and confusing. And when all is said and done you end up feeling guilty and terrible which only adds to the emotional weight pressing down on you.


That’s why I created The Healthy Home Business module on nutrition –

Nutrition To Fuel Your Business.

I happen to love food. I write and research about it all the time. I grow a lot of what my family eats. And I love to cook.

But even with my passion for nutrition, I’ve had to struggle at times to eat right when the stress of running a home business hits.

I’ve gone through afternoons when I’d give my kingdom (or at least my Canon 3-in-1 printer) for some kind of energizing something that wouldn’t make me feel like mush a few hours after the initial high.

I’ve had days when putting dinner on the table seems like a distant fantasy.

And I’ve certainly found myself mindlessly noshing in the kitchen when I can’t come up with the right headline for a project.

But enough is enough.

So I tapped into my deep well of nutrition knowledge and food strategy. And I developed a strategic way to make food something that worked with my home business – not detracted from it.

And over the years I’ve built on this – coming up with several strategies, in fact – that have not only transformed my workday . . .

They’ve also transformed my relationship with food.

And I’ve put them together in a 3-part package so you can do the same thing.

With this package, you can grab your hunger by the horns and turn it into a powerful beast that works for you and your business.

When you put these nutrition strategies into play,

  • You’ll discover an vitality and laser-like concentration you never thought you could have. With the right approach to nourishment, you’ll be able to tackle projects that ordinarily would have you rubbing your head as you struggled to work through one of those junk-food induced cotton-headed fogs . . .
  • You’ll have a whole new confidence about healthy eating. Your frustration and guilt about food will fade like a bedsheet on the clothesline in the bright July sun.
  • You’ll see your business take to new levels thanks to your increased productivity. Think you’re getting a lot done now? Imagine what you could do with that unstoppable power and focus that comes from good nutrition . . .

And just as satisfying . . .

  • You’ll start to see the lumpiest parts of your body start to trim down. Before long you’ll be slipping into your old jeans and not undoing the top snap when you sit at your desk.

The Healthy Home Biz Nutrition Module is a powerful tool for any home biz owner looking to get more out of their day and say goodbye to the ongoing battle with food.

Here’s what you’ll get specifically:

Part I: The Nutrition Module Report

A thoroughly researched Module Report that draws on my years of working as a nutrition writer and health educator. This report is jam-packed with secrets to transforming your relationship to food. It gives you specific information on nutrients and food you’ve got to have to stay on top of your game.  And it equips you with the framework and specific tactics for changing your diet to support your work.


Part II: The Nutrition Module Action Kit

Information is one thing – putting it to work is a whole other enterprise. Most of us take in tons of nutrition information but feel lost when it comes to applying it. That’s why I include an Action Kit that shows you step by step – in the unique Your Healthy Home Biz way – how to break a big change down into manageable chunks. By working step by step, you can do something you may never have thought possible – become a healthy eater.

Part III: The Nutrition Module Action Kit Recording

You’re busy. Boy, do I know it! And the last thing I want to do is keep you stuck at your computer any more than necessary. That’s why you’ll also get an MP3 recording of the Action Kit that you can take with you anywhere – on a bike, in the car, washing the dishes or lying on the couch. You can listen to it over and over again  – use it for inspiration, guidance and a refreshing perspective check.

The module report, action kit and recording give you a carefully put-together 1-2-3 process. So you can

1.) Know what you’re doing; 2.) Know how to apply this information; and 3.) Make it as easy as possible to apply.

These three special components will give you the key to opening up a whole new world through nutrition.

When you go through this special nutrition course, you’ll discover . . .

  • 3 tricks for making unhealthy cravings go away and replacing them with good ones;
  • An incredibly destructive huge lie the diet industry has worked so hard for you to believe. And it’s making you fatter than ever;
  • The truth as to whether carbs are good or evil. And a sneaky way to make carbs no longer a problem so you can enjoy your pasta guilt-free.
  • The farmer’s secret about meals that only home business folks can take advantage of. Now you can use this secret routine to your advantage;
  • The best fats for your brain and your body;
  • Two energy “loan sharks” that will end up sucking every ounce of energy right out of you if you don’t watch out;
  • 5 energizing nutrients you can safely turn to to keep you zipping through work;
  • How we trick ourselves that we’re drinking enough water and a useful trick you can use to make sure you don’t hoodwink yourself and do get enough H2O;
  • The single most reliable way to make sure you’re eating what you should be;
  • And much much more . . .

This is a loaded course.

But I want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed in this eating venture that supports your home biz venture.

I know what a difference forming an alliance with food has made for my hips and my business.

So in addition to the report, the action kit and the recording I’ve added another special component:

Smart Cookin’ For the Busy Home Biz Owner

In this special 65-page cookbook, you get

  • My favorite standby recipes that I build my meals around. Recipes me and my family love because they taste great but I don’t have to spend hours preparing them. And they’re uber-nutritious.
  • How to buy super healthy food without breaking the bank. I don’t even live near a Whole “Paycheck” Foods – let alone shop there. Yet we eat like kings. This section includes links and resources to help you find food sources many people have no idea exist but that can save you a bundle while providing you with superior nutrition.
  • Cooking strategies so you don’t have to stress about cooking at home, feeding your family and running your home business. You’ve got enough stress in your life running a business. Enough said!
  • And a whole host of additional nutritional information and foodie tidbits that will make eating a pleasure – not a landmine field.

Now there’s a lot of business-building stuff out there.

But you know deep in your heart – like I do – that it all comes down to you. How much power you have in your engine.

To grow your home business successfully, you need every advantage you can get your hands on . . .

(And hey – why not trim your figure down while you’re at it! Wouldn’t it be nice to be not only successful – but svelte and successful?!)

By taking this course you’ll be able to do both – grow your business AND shrink your waistline.

It will show you step-by-step how to make healthy eating part of how you run your home business.

Yes, it will take a bit of work to put it into action . . .

But I haven’t spent years writing, researching and teaching about nutrition for nothing. I’ve got quite a few tricks up my sleeve that I share with you so you can avoid pitfalls and false starts.

It’s the kind of course that will help you change your life at multiple levels using smart strategy and tactics.

And there’s really nothing like it. Nowhere else will you find this depth of nutrition strategy carefully tailored for your unique home biz owner situation.

It’s a smart and strategic investment.

Now you’re probably wondering how much a course like this costs . . .

Well, just the cookbook alone is worth $15. And I could charge the same for the module report and the action kit individually.

That would make a total of $45.

But I’m not going to. I want to get this invaluable tool in as many hands as possible.

So instead, I set the price at $29.97.

And right now, I’m giving a special discount of $10 that makes it $19.97.

For just $29.97 $19.97 you get

  • The Healthy Home Biz Module Report: Nutrition To Fuel Your Business
  • And the Action Kit
  • And the Action Kit recording
  • And the Smart Cookin’ For The Busy Home Biz Owner cookbook

Certainly worth the $45 I initially considered charging for it. And a real bargain for $19.97.

Especially when you consider the way that all this energizing eating will add hours of productive work to your day . . . allowing you to take on more projects and bring in more money (It did this for me!) . . .

And save you expenses like $200 pills and doctor’s visits that aren’t covered by the barebones health insurance many of us home biz owners have . . .

But I realize that you might still be missing something with this package.

So on top of everything else, I’m going to throw in the introduction to the Healthy Home Biz System – The Mindset Module.

Special Bonus Module

This special report, action kit and recording trio gives you an earth-shaking, mind-altering process that sets the groundwork for making health an integral part of your home business.

It’s the kind of report that will really revolutionize the way you think about health . . .

But even more earth-shaking and mind-altering – It will show you how to make big changes in your life most effectively with minimal trauma and maximum success.

It will change the way you see yourself, your business . . . and your future together.

This Mindset Module trio alone could tally up to an additional $45 as well.

But I’m going to include it in the price.

So how much do you need to invest for all of this? (Two special reports, two action kits, two recordings and a bonus cookbook.)

Only $29.97 $19.97

Here’s some comments from some people who have been thrilled to tap into the Healthy Home Biz system’s wisdom . . .

Fans Of The Healthy Home Biz System

Took Me To The Next Level!
Congratulations on the Healthy Home Biz System. The information you share is so helpful and you created the course in a very logical step-by-step fashion that will help anybody find what they want fast.
Having worked at home for over 25 years I can attest to the fact that we must be proactive when it comes to our health and working at home. For years I have taken short breaks to walk outside and given my eyes a rest from the monitor. Those things helped but the specific tips you shared took me to the next level!
Working at home can be fun, and very rewarding. Thanks to your wonderful course now it can be healthy too!
Charlie Page, Owner, The Directory Of Ezines
Sarah’s Course Is An Invaluable Investment
“As a business coach, I’ve helped dozens of freelance copywriters rocket their business to another level. The ones who invest in their health have a distinct edge. It gives them energy and confidence to push through the hard work of building a business.On a personal note, I’ve had to take time off from my own business to take on a major health issue. I know from my hard-fought battle how crucial it is to minimize your risk for major health problems and to nourish your capacity to fight them off if they hit. Sarah’s course is an invaluable business investment. I highly recommend it.”
Chris Marlow Get Great Clients
Mom Of Three: “The Healthy Home Biz System Is Fabulous!”

As a mom of three and business owner of multiple companies, I really have to have a strategy for squeezing in time to work out and keep my body fit. Sarah Clachar’s Healthy Home Biz System is filled with great ideas for creative ways to stay fit without always having to go to the gym. The System is also filled with nutrition tips as well as suggestions for making the health of your office space the best it can be so you have the quality of life you deserve and desire! The Healthy Home Biz System is fabulous!

Sarah Cook Founder of RaisingCEOKids.com

Not The Same Stuff Every Fitness Expert Is Regurgitating
“Really, really good stuff here! I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But I found it to be very approachable, well written and not full of the same stuff every fitness expert is regurgitating. Your material on interval training is dead on. So is your discussion on nutrition. These are some of the ideas I followed last year to get in better shape (Hey, I need to get back on the ball!). And you make recommendations that take into account what we face every day as work-at-home professionals. Loved it and I’m ready to apply some of the ideas right away!”
Ed Gandia, Co-Author of The Wealthy Freelancer, Co-Founder of International Freelancers Academy
An Immensely Important Course
“This is an immensely important course, for a number of reasons.I have been a freelancer myself for over 30 years now, and am very aware of how easy it is to become totally sedentary and, as a result, unfit. When I have allowed that to happen, not only has my health suffered, but the quality and volume of my work has too.
As entrepreneur Richard Branson said, when asked for the secret to his amazing level of productivity, “Work out.”
Your health and productivity are closely related. Sarah has put together an excellent course here, and an important one too. If you’re a freelancer working from home, sign up now.”

Nick Usborne

Okay, you’ve gotten this far.

If your heart say’s yes, but you’re still not sure, stop agonizing over this.

Because I’m making this an even easier decision to make – there’s no risk to you.

Like all my Healthy Home Biz products, I offer a 1-Condition 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeMy 1-Condition, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the course, you can let me know and I’ll refund you your purchase price pronto.

However, I have one condition: All I ask is that you tell me why you weren’t satisfied with the course when you request a refund.

Essentially, this guarantee makes it possible to try this risk free.

I know how effective it is.

But more importantly, I want you to know how effective it is. And I’d hate for you to pass by this incredibly effective strategy that can give you so much more energy, productivity and the security of good health because you’re worried you’ll make a poor choice.

You’ve got nothing to lose in seeing for yourself how well this works.

So all the obstacles are removed – this key to changing how food fits in your business is just waiting for you to grab it . . .

Buy Now - Button Orange


Her Tips Are Practical, Fun And Easy To Do“I highly recommend The Healthy Home Biz Systemfor everyone who works at home.  Sarah Clachar promises ‘a healthier you, a healthier family, a healthy home and a thriving healthy home business” and she delivers on it all plus more. Her tips are practical, fun and easy to do.  I’m keeping her system reports within reach of my desk!”Katie Yeakle, AWAI, Executive Director


I run a thriving copywriting business, I have a farm and I still have the energy to correct my kids’ math homework in the evening and go for a bike ride or practice jiu jitsu with my husband.

But this wasn’t a natural thing I slipped intoit came from making choices about how I live my life, starting with what I eat.

I want you to have the same energy and vitality good food can bring.

I know it can make a tremendous difference in how much you get done each day in running your business.

You are what you eat. And what you eat is your business – it can make or break it.

So don’t cheat yourself of even more success.

Get this powerful nutrition course tailored just for home business owners like you now

$29.97 $19.97

Buy Now - Button Orange

To Your Health And The Health Of Your Home Business,



P.S. With the special Smart Cookin’ For the Busy Home Biz Owner cookbook plus the Introductory Mindset Module, this is a powerful package. It gives you everything you need. And with the 90-day 100% Satisfaction guarantee, there’s no risk to seeing how well it works for yourself.

Only $29.97 $19.97

Buy Now - Button Orange

A Little About Sarah Clachar

For close to 20 years Sarah has been teaching, writing and researching about health.  Since 2003, she’s been doing this from her home, as a freelance health writer. With a BA in biology and a strong personal commitment to health, Sarah writes from experience and technical expertise. Her writing has been published in magazines like Health, Mothering, Life Extension and Taste For Life. And she writes regularly for well-established health companies like Sun Chlorella USA, Jigsaw Health, BioActive Nutrients and more.

When she’s not tied to her computer, Sarah and her husband and two children tend a small farm where they raise a large percentage of their food. In addition to weeding and chasing pigs, she and her family can be found mountain biking around the hills of northern New England, swimming, hiking, enjoying good home-cooked food and practicing jiu jitsu and kickboxing.




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Home Business Owners, Put The Right Fuel In Your Home Business Engine (You!) And Watch Your Business Rocket Forward!