A Sleep Strategy For The Tired Home Biz Owner

Not getting the shuteye you need? Here's help

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If you’re a home business owner, you need your sleep more than ever.

Sleep keeps your brain sharp . . .

Sleep allows you to make wise decisions, weighing risks and potential gains judiciously . . .

It keeps you feeling confident . . .

And it keeps your immune system sturdy so you don’t have to take a sick day when you can least afford it.

That being said . . . as a home business owner, getting sleep is easier said than done.

I certainly know this . . .

I’ve had nights when I can’t sleep because of all the ideas and concerns buzzing in my brain. I toss and turn, hating the merciless march of the clock towards morning . . .

I’ve had nights cut short because of a sick child or an impending deadline. When I finally do hit the pillow, I know I need to get deep sleep. And believe me, I feel the effects the next day . . .

I’ve even had nights when back pain kept me up . . .

And I’ve had plenty of nights when I know I should hit the hay, but I get caught up in a good movie or my own musings online.

Over the years building my business, getting enough sleep – and getting quality sleep, which is just as important – has been an ongoing battle.

However, I’ve developed some tactics for how to make sleep fit into your business-building plan.

Sure, I still get a few short nights. But I’ve got an overall strategy that helps me compensate when these times hit. And keeps me from making these nights a regular pattern.

And I’ve finally put these strategies and insights together in this special guide I’ve created just for you.

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The Healthy Home Biz System Module on Sleep gives you the strategies and tactics you need to fit sleep into your business plan and make sure it sticks in there – even if you’ve got a dozen things on your entrepreneurial mind!

In the first component, the Sleep Module Special Report, I start off by underscoring the importance of sleep. Perhaps this sounds unnecessary to you if you’re stifling back a yawn. But in a world that emphasizes work over health, I included this for a very important reason. Before you put some energy and will power into making sleep work for you, you need some good clear reasons to do so.

I’ve put all my health expertise and research muscle into giving you the full scoop on why sleep makes such a difference.

It’s sometimes hard to  justify going to bed when you have so much to do. In fact, given the talk that’s out there, you may even feel a little guilty about sleeping.

This section gives you a clear understanding of why sleep is so important for your business so you can’t ignore the problem any longer.

Then we get into the solutions . . .

The Sleep Module walks you step by step through the elements you need to plan into your day (and night) to get more rest so you can have all the energy you need to run your business.

You’ll discover things like  . . .

  • A novel way to use an alarm clock so you can get more sleep each night;
  • Why a tiny bit of light can throw your whole sleep cycle off – and 3 things you can do to eliminate this problem;
  • An essential sleep aid I always keep by my bedside and how I use it to help my mind rest.
  • One thing you don’t want to do in the last hour before sleep. In fact, it’s so bad, it’s becoming the number one obstacle to sleep for all ages.
  • Two ingredients you want to avoid before bedtime at all cost. One especially might surprise you.
  • Three things you can do during the day so you’re ready for sleep when bedtime rolls around;
  • What one of my children’s favorite bedtime books can teach us adults falling asleep easily;
  • Why sleeping pills don’t give you the kind of sleep you need – but what else you can take instead;
  • 10 things you can do right before bed to help you sleep;
  • Why going to bed early isn’t always the best way to get more shuteye;
  • The full scoop on naps and how to figure out how long a nap is best for you;

And much much more.

This special report on how to get more (and better!) sleep is packed with information you need in order to get the rest you desperately need.

However, I don’t just throw a bunch of information at you. I know how hard it is to wade through that (I’ve got quite a few books on my shelf I’ve been meaning to read someday, if you know what I mean!)

So this special report comes with two additional tools:

1. The Sleep Module Action Kit breaks it all down into step-by-step actions.  It focuses on what you can do each day to move yourself towards better sleep.

And then – because I know how busy you are AND because I love getting people away from the computer, I’ve put together

2. An MP3 recording of the Sleep Module Action Kit. This way you can listen to my plan when you’re weeding in the garden, watching your kids at the playground or (my favorite) doing the dishes.

You’ve only got so many hours in the day  – and at least 7 of them should go to snoozing – so this will make it easier to fit it all in.

It’s a total package for reclaiming one of the most miraculous things our body does – our own unconscious form of self-repair and renewal – sleep.

3 very rich tools that work beautifully in concert to help you renew your body – something you know you need desperately in order to grow your business.

The sleep report is a little shorter than my other special reports. But even so, for the quality of information and strategy in there I could easily charge $25.

But  I don’t want you to lose too much sleep over getting something that will help you get more sleep.

So I’m selling it only for $19.97 and with the special discount of $5 I’m offering now it brings it down to $14.97.

For $19.97 $14.97 you get . . .

1. The Healthy Home Biz System special report on Sleep

2. The Sleep Module Action Kit

3. The MP3 recording of the Action Kit that you can take anywhere

It’s a terrific deal. And then I’m also adding in something a little extra special . . .

Special Bonus Module

I’m including the special intro report I’ve created that I call the Mindset Report. It’s essential for getting started with The Healthy Home Biz System.

cover1 150x150 A Sleep Strategy For The Tired Home Biz Owner

This special report, action kit and recording trio gives you an earth-shaking, mind-altering process that sets the groundwork for making health an integral part of your home business.

It’s the kind of report that will really revolutionize the way you think about health . . .

But even more earth-shaking and mind-altering – It will show you how to make big changes in your life most effectively with minimal trauma and maximum success.

It will change the way you see yourself, your business . . . and your future together.

This Mindset Module trio alone could tally up to an additional $19.97 as well.

But I’m going to include it in the price.

So how much do you need to invest for all of this? (Two special reports, two action kits, two recordings.)

Only $19.97 $14.97

Here’s some comments from some people who have been thrilled to tap into the Healthy Home Biz system’s wisdom:

Took Me To The Next Level!
Congratulations on the Healthy Home Biz System. The information you share is so helpful and you created the course in a very logical step-by-step fashion that will help anybody find what they want fast.
Having worked at home for over 25 years I can attest to the fact that we must be proactive when it comes to our health and working at home. For years I have taken short breaks to walk outside and given my eyes a rest from the monitor. Those things helped but the specific tips you shared took me to the next level!
Working at home can be fun, and very rewarding. Thanks to your wonderful course now it can be healthy too!
Charlie Page, Owner, The Directory Of Ezines
Sarah’s Course Is An Invaluable Investment

“As a business coach, I’ve helped dozens of freelance copywriters rocket their business to another level. The ones who invest in their health have a distinct edge. It gives them energy and confidence to push through the hard work of building a business.On a personal note, I’ve had to take time off from my own business to take on a major health issue. I know from my hard-fought battle how crucial it is to minimize your risk for major health problems and to nourish your capacity to fight them off if they hit. Sarah’s course is an invaluable business investment. I highly recommend it.”
Chris Marlow Get Great Clients


Mom Of Three: “The Healthy Home Biz System Is Fabulous!”As a mom of three and business owner of multiple companies, I really have to have a strategy for squeezing in time to work out and keep my body fit. Sarah Clachar’s Healthy Home Biz System is filled with great ideas for creative ways to stay fit without always having to go to the gym. The System is also filled with nutrition tips as well as suggestions for making the health of your office space the best it can be so you have the quality of life you deserve and desire! The Healthy Home Biz System is fabulous!Sarah Cook Founder of RaisingCEOKids.com


Not The Same Stuff Every Fitness Expert Is Regurgitating

“Really, really good stuff here! I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But I found it to be very approachable, well written and not full of the same stuff every fitness expert is regurgitating. Your material on interval training is dead on. So is your discussion on nutrition. These are some of the ideas I followed last year to get in better shape (Hey, I need to get back on the ball!). And you make recommendations that take into account what we face every day as work-at-home professionals. Loved it and I’m ready to apply some of the ideas right away!”
Ed Gandia, Co-Author of The Wealthy Freelancer, Co-Founder of International Freelancers Academy


An Immensely Important Course

“This is an immensely important course, for a number of reasons.I have been a freelancer myself for over 30 years now, and am very aware of how easy it is to become totally sedentary and, as a result, unfit. When I have allowed that to happen, not only has my health suffered, but the quality and volume of my work has too.
As entrepreneur Richard Branson said, when asked for the secret to his amazing level of productivity, “Work out.”
Your health and productivity are closely related. Sarah has put together an excellent course here, and an important one too. If you’re a freelancer working from home, sign up now.”

Nick Usborne


Okay, you’ve gotten this far.

If your heart say’s yes, but you’re still not sure, stop agonizing over this.

Because I’m making this an even easier decision to make – there’s no risk to you.

Like all my Healthy Home Biz products, I offer a 1-Condition 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100moneyback 2 A Sleep Strategy For The Tired Home Biz OwnerMy 1-Condition, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the course, you can let me know and I’ll refund you your purchase price pronto.

However, I have one condition: All I ask is that you tell me why you weren’t satisfied with the course when you request a refund.

Essentially, this guarantee makes it possible to try this risk free.

I know how effective it is.

But more importantly, I want you to know how effective it is. And I’d hate for you to pass by this incredibly effective strategy that can give you so much more energy, productivity and the security of good health because you’re worried you’ll make a poor choice.

You’ve got nothing to lose in seeing for yourself how well this works.

So all the obstacles are removed – this key to changing how sleep fits in your business is just waiting for you to grab it . . .

Only $19.97 $14.97

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Her Tips Are Practical, Fun And Easy To Do

“I highly recommend The Healthy Home Biz Systemfor everyone who works at home.  Sarah Clachar promises ‘a healthier you, a healthier family, a healthy home and a thriving healthy home business” and she delivers on it all plus more. Her tips are practical, fun and easy to do.  I’m keeping her system reports within reach of my desk!”
Katie Yeakle, AWAI, Executive Director



I run a thriving copywriting business, I have a farm and I still have the energy to correct my kids’ math homework in the evening and go for a bike ride or practice jiu jitsu with my husband.

But this wasn’t a natural thing I slipped intoit came from making choices about how I live my life, including getting enough sleep.

I want you to have the same energy, clarity and spunk good sleep can bring.

I know it can make a tremendous difference in how much you get done each day in running your business.

Getting enough good sleep should be a part of every home business plan.

So don’t cheat yourself of even more success.

Get this powerful strategic plan that shows you how to get more good sleep, tailored just for home business owners like you now

$19.97  $14.97

buynow orange 2 A Sleep Strategy For The Tired Home Biz Owner

To Your Health And The Health Of Your Home Business,

Signature A Sleep Strategy For The Tired Home Biz Owner


P.S. With the Introductory Mindset Module, this is a powerful package. It gives you everything you need. And with the 90-day 100% Satisfaction guarantee, there’s no risk to seeing how well it works for yourself.

my pic YHHB edited 1 A Sleep Strategy For The Tired Home Biz OwnerA Little About Sarah Clachar

For close to 20 years Sarah has been teaching, writing and researching about health.  Since 2003, she’s been doing this from her home, as a freelance health writer. With a BA in biology and a strong personal commitment to health, Sarah writes from experience and technical expertise. Her writing has been published in magazines like Health, Mothering, Life Extension and Taste For Life. And she writes regularly for well-established health companies like Sun Chlorella USA, Jigsaw Health, BioActive Nutrients and more.

When she’s not tied to her computer, Sarah and her husband and two children tend a small farm where they raise a large percentage of their food. In addition to weeding and chasing pigs, she and her family can be found mountain biking around the hills of northern New England, swimming, hiking, enjoying good home-cooked food and practicing jiu jitsu and kickboxing.



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