How To Stay Hale And Hearty When Sickness Abounds

by Sarah on March 3, 2012

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The advantage of having a home business is that when your kids are sick, you don’t have to call in sick. You can tend them while you keep your business going.

But this also brings in a real threat to your business.

Woe betides you should you catch the bug that’s attacked your child.

If you get sick too it will slow you down, wreaking havoc on your marketing plans, deadlines and more.

That’s why I make good use of my 5 Step Don’t Get Sick Protection Plan.

It’s pretty simple and it doesn’t involve drugs or major vaccinations. I did a thorough job researching the flu vaccine years ago for an article in Health magazine to know these do minimal good.

Here’s what I stand by:

Step 1: Get some movement in

Research involving 1000 study participants found that people who exercise 5 or more days a week are half as likely to get sick with a cold or the flu as people who exercise less than 1 day a week.

Exercise boosts your body’s production of key immune cells like immunoglobulins and naïve T-cells. As well as key communication chemicals your immune system depends on known as cytokines.

As I show in the Healthy Home Biz System, there are clever ways to make movement part of your day without missing a beat. Even when you’re doing double duty as nurse and home biz owner.

Step 2: Eat well

Lots of good protein, vegetables and fruits. Light on the carbs and sugars.

Your immune cells are replaced every 2 weeks. This means that your body requires a tremendous amount of protein to build new immune cells to replace the old ones. Without them, keep in mind, your body is defenseless.

And in a study conducted at Linda Loma University, the researchers gave half of the volunteers about the amount of sugar in a liter of soda. They then drew blood from them and mixed in bacteria with the blood sample. The white blood cells from the sugared-up volunteers couldn’t tackle the bacteria with near the ferocity as the cells from the ones who went sugar- free.

In the Healthy Home Biz System, I show you how to train your body to crave sugar less. I show you how to strategically time your carb eating. And I show you an array of ways to eat to boost your immune system.

Step 3: Clean house

Cold and flu viruses love to hang out. They linger on surfaces just waiting for the next unfortunate customer. When my kids were little we started an aggressive handwashing campaign and were amazed at how a simple thing could make such a difference in how frequently they got sick.

And around the house, we wipe down and disinfect frequently. But some of the disinfectants out there can be just as bad for you – or even worse – than the germs you’re killing. In fact, some of them not only harm you, but in the end strengthen the germs by weeding out all the weaker ones so the stronger, disinfectant-resistant ones multiply.

In the Healthy Home Biz System, I show you how to clean up your office and larger home without making yourself sick. And I show you how to do this with inexpensive ingredients (You won’t believe what one of my most powerful allies is!)

Step 4: Get some good lovin’ time in

Laughter, intimacy, loving relationships – these have all been shown to keep your immune system strong. Even though I’m busy, I try to get some downtime in with my family. Watch a funny movie (our favorites are The Incredibles and The Court Jester with Danny Kaye). And get some snuggling in (although we’re careful to keep our faces away from the sick one’s to limit infection.) Maybe even get in a little romantic time with my husband.

Husband and wife research team, Jan Kiecolt-Glaser and Ronald Glaser, did an interesting experiment. They held two counseling sessions for couples. The first session focused on supportive counseling and the second focused on a source of conflict.

Before each session, they gave each participant a little shot in the arm of a substance that would produce a small blister wound. And then they documented how long it took for the wound to heal.

The wounds healed more slowly after the session about conflict than the supportive session. And with couples who seemed particularly hostile to each other, their wounds healed 60% more slowly than the more simpatico couples. They also measured more pro-inflammatory cytokines, immune system communication chemicals in the blood of the couples experiencing the most strife.

In the Healthy Home Biz System, I show you techniques for nurturing your relationships while you run your home business. So your business can support your family and your family can support your business.

Step 5: Get some sleep

Admittedly, sleep can be in short order when sickness creeps in. Up at night with a child who has diarrhea or a fever. And pushing a few extra hours to make up for daytime nurse duties away from your office.

But it is essential for your immune health.

It turns out your immune system seems to be most active when you’re sleeping. In fact some research even indicates your immune system puts your body to sleep so it can get to work. Some of your immune system communication chemicals actually induce sleep.

In the Healthy Home Biz System, I show you how to get more sleep. And even when you can’t get more than 5 hours on a given night, I’ll show you how to make sure that’s the most restful, restorative sleep ever.

You Can’t Afford To Get Sick: You’ve Got A Business To Run!

Sickness in the family is no fun. But it can be treacherous when you have a business to run as well.

With the system I use I rarely get sick, even when the world’s best germ warfare weapons – my school age children – happily truck infections back from what we call The Halls Of Germs a.k.a. school. If on the rare occasion I do get sick, it rarely lasts more than a day or two and I’m back to work.

So if you’re feeling fearful about flu and cold season’s last hurrah, follow this plan to stay healthy. It will not only keep you feeling good, but your business trucking along . . . even when you’ve got a sick child on the couch.

Want more details on how to put them into action? Join me for The Healthy Home Biz System course, starting in a couple weeks. Sign up here:

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