How To Drink More Water And Enjoy It: 5 Ways

by Sarah on December 18, 2011

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There is nothing more miraculous than water. Nothing on this planet can help your body feel better and perform better.

Okay, maybe oxygen is in this category.

But water comes in a close second – and water is two-thirds oxygen, anyways.

Despite how wonderful water-drinking benefits are, most of us don’t get enough. I know you’ve probably heard this before. But before you tell yourself you get enough water every day and click away from this article, take on this challenge:

How To Drink More Water Tip #1: Down It In One Sitting

This is the foundation of good hydration that I live by . . .

Go over to your kitchen right now and down a 12-ounce glass of water.

Now how do you feel?

Do this a few times today. Note how you feel. How you look.

I guarantee you will look and feel better. In as little as half a day.

So are you sure you were getting enough water?

Most of us tell ourselves we’re drinking more water because we tote a glass or water bottle around. But how much are we really drinking?

The best way to make sure you’re getting what you need is to actually consciously drink a full glass several times a day. No sipping over time. Just drink it down right after you fill it up.

And when you do this, you’ll start to see benefits of drinking more water.

This is the best way to get water in you. But there are a few things you can do to make it even better.

Here’s how to get the best out drinking more water . . .

How To Drink More Water Tip #2: Don’t Settle For So-So Or Even Toxic Water

Listen, you’re drinking more water so you can help your body work better and clean out effectively.  So why would you bring in all kinds of yucky toxins with your glass of H2O?

We get distilled water from our countertop distiller and here’s why:

A water filter only takes out what it’s designed to take out. If you look at any water filter box, it should tell you specifically what it will take out. If it’s not designed to take out a chemical, it probably won’t. This is basic chemistry.

A distiller in a sense takes the water out of the toxic brew rather than taking the toxins out of the brew.

When you drink distilled water you know for sure you’re getting pure, clean water in your body.

How To Drink More Water Tip #3: Fuzz It Up

My daughter’s friend says she can’t stand soda or seltzer water. She hates the fuzz. I’m pretty sure she’s an exception.

In my household, my kids can’t get enough of the fuzzy feeling of carbonated liquid. However the last thing I want to give them is soda. And forget carting seltzer bottles from the store with all the bisphenol-A lurking inside.

So we got a home seltzer maker – the SodaStream.

Unlike some of the other seltzer makers we got before, this home device is easy to use and can actually save you money if you’re big seltzer drinkers.

Just add a dash of lemon or a few dollops of orange juice and you’ll enjoy one of the most refreshing drinks around.

How To Drink More Water Tip #4: Add A Little Flavor

I love seltzer with a splash of orange juice. But there are other ways to get fruity flavor without the sweet of juice.

Use fruit tea bags.

In the summer we put a gallon of water with tea bags out on the picnic table to simmer in the sun. In the winter it’s over near the woodstove. Or you can put it to steep all day at room temperature in the kitchen.

We simply add a couple Celestial Seasoning Berry Zinger or Tangerine Zinger or Raspberry Zinger tea bags and within hours we have a delicious fruity drink with no sugar.

Of course you can add a little touch of sweet if you want. But you’re in control and you can turn the flavor dial up in volume without turning up the sweet volume so high.

How To Drink More Water Tip #5: Drink It Hot

I tend to get cold. And our woodstove heated New England home doesn’t help.

Often this chill makes me think I’m hungry. But if I have a nice warm cup of tea instead not only do I get my hydration but also I get warmed from the inside out. And when I don’t feel the chill as much, my cravings for food go down.

My favorite winter warmers are green tea or roiboos tea. Decaf only since caffeine actually robs you of water (it’s a diuretic) on top of wreaking other kinds of havoc in your body.

And tea does a great job of helping me relax and focus when I’m working. Nixing the snack demons that make me think I need some cookies to get through a tough project.

Enjoy The Results Of Drinking More Water With These 5 Tips

Few people get enough of this life-sustaining force in our bodies.

We may think we get enough. We may tell ourselves we are. But usually we don’t.

The best way to make sure you’re getting more is to pay conscious attention to drinking a full glass periodically.

But you can also jazz it up and get even more out of each sip.

These five tips will help you do this.

So drink up and enjoy all the results!

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