Hours Don’t Count As Much

by Sarah on February 10, 2011

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“Looking back over the years . . . ” how many times have you heard that expression used to describe how someone reflects on their life.  We talk about the years . . . the days of our lives . . .

But think about this.  It’s the minutes that really count.

The years and the days – even the hours – are formed by those significant things you do in minutes . . .

·    Did you take a few minutes to reflect before you sent off that email or made that phone call?
·    Did you take an extra minute to fix yourself a good lunch rather than just grab whatever you could get a hold of?
·    Did you spend a few minutes when your children got home from school to really look in their faces, listen to them, just stand there and be available . . . before they settle into homework and you return to your writing?
·    Instead of putting off a Big Talk with your spouse for when the time was right, did you sequester a few minutes and tell them what’s on your mind?  Even if you have to say, we can talk about this more later, but I want to say something before the moment is gone.

Too often we put off things we need to do because “we just don’t have the time”.

And of course you don’t have hours to spare.  But you have lots of minutes.

And most things that will make a difference actually take minutes – not hours.

These tiny acts add up.  They determine what happens in the next hour, over the following week and into the decades of your future.

A child is conceived in minutes, leading to a lifetime of experiences, challenges and accomplishments – changing the world around her or him.

If there is one bit of wisdom that I hope you gain from Your Healthy Home Biz, it’s this.  Find the ways to take care of small things sooner so that they don’t snowball into big things later.

Because small does not mean insignificant. But when we let the little things slip by, we end up facing monstrous challenges later on.

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  • Ann

    Thank you for this post, Sarah. It contains wisdom that we would all do well to remember – and remember often.
    The minutes … it’s the minutes that mean so much! It reminds me of times when my children were small (they’re all grown up now and have children of their own). Sometimes I missed a few, and sometimes I used them well. But even now, this is a great reminder to me to use those minutes well.

    • Sarah

      Ann, great to have your perspective as a grandmother. Your comment also offers some encouragement that even if you miss some important minutes you can balance that with the minutes you pay attention to and use well. Thank you for taking a precious minute to add to this.

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