Help, I’m Confused In Starting My Online Business!

by Sarah on May 23, 2012

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Just the other day I got an email from K asking for some help with building her online business.

She writes:

I’ve been receiving your info. for quite some time, and I am impressed.  My problem is – I work full time in the medical field although my passion is natural health.   I decided I wanted to market online, starting a blog geared toward busy women over 40 getting fit and healthy.  I joined a couple social media courses
I know content is important, so I asked a copywriter I know to help me start my content, at least my bio. Needless to say, my blog page is still parked, and I have not heard from my friend, although I agreed to pay her.
I decided to start my content based on a boot camp experience I had, but it’s still on my notepad.
I feel stuck, not knowing what to start on when.  My husband is not working, so my day job is still important, but I so desperately want out of it.
Can I do copywriting as well?.  I do love to write, but I’ve put out so much money into other courses. I know I’m spinning my wheels and probably need a business coach or someone to keep me grounded, guided and on track.
You seem like a very understanding and compassionate person, that’s why I’m writing to you like this. I’ve listened to many marketers, but you seem down to earth and genuine.  Would very much appreciate your feedback.

I’ve gotten a few inquiries like K’s. There’s so much information out there about starting an online business that it can be overwhelming. You plunk your money down on a few shiny objects and then realize you’re not sure just how to start and put these ideas to work

So here’s what I advise K . . . and everyone else in this predicament.

First of all, if you really want to get an online business going, commit to doing something on it each day. Just a little bit.

Make mistakes. Put out copy that you’ll revise later. But start putting things out there and building your online presence. Start posting on your blog and growing your content. Start building your social media presence.

Both in terms of Google rankings and in terms of social media, the sooner you get started the better.

Don’t worry too much about if it’s not good enough. You can change things as you go on. And good businesses are ones that try something and then learn from the results. But you won’t have results to learn from without trying something.

The sooner you try things out, the sooner you’ll learn what really works online and then be able to refine these skills more as you move forward. Fortunately, much of what you can experiment with online is free so the cost is mostly in terms of your time.

Secondly, if money’s tight, don’t jump into hiring a copywriter. Even though I do this for a living, I would advise against paying for one. Why? Because a good copywriter does cost good money. And the reason our fees are high is because we have developed many skills to help you sell your products. I’ve spent years and invested thousands of dollars in training to develop my skills.

If you need to watch your budget, hire a copywriter for where their tactical skill is most useful – for writing a sales page or developing email marketing series.

While many of my clients hire me for content creation, they’re big companies who can afford to do so, don’t have the capacity to do so themselves and like my style and approach. Sure I bring additional search engine optimization skills, etc. to the content creation. But bottom line, for your blog and getting started, developing your voice and writing skills and populating it with content is the most important thing.

If you’re thinking about developing your copywriting skills by investing in some courses and then using these skills to build a copywriting business in addition to your other online business, that’s also a good move. Copywriting is an invaluable skill and you can get double-mileage from developing it.

However, be warned . . . developing a copywriting business or an online health information business takes a lot of time and commitment. It will be hard to start both at once although they can complement each other in the long run.

If you want my recommendations for copywriting courses you can go here to check them out. Or sign up for my FREE how-to-become-a-freelance-writer  e-course.

Thirdly, I don’t offer business coaching right now (only tactical health and fitness coaching as part of The Healthy Home Biz System). So I refer people to a few online marketing coaches. Both of them have created solid systems for helping you get your online business going and building it.

Here are my favorite people to refer you to:


1. Sandi Krakowski’s A Real Change

Sandi specifically works with people in developing blogs to make money part-time or full-time. She’s skilled and knowledgeable. And she’s created some great teaching tools.

Plus, I happen to appreciate the way she weaves in healthy tips with her online marketing coaching.

She is passionate about helping you succeed. And she doesn’t mince words when it comes to what it takes to build a viable business.

Sandi offers coaching and courses. Plus she offers a free 30-day build your WP blog course.

You can find out about her offerings here:

A Real Change


2. Charlie Page’s Directory of Ezines And Follow Up Selling System

I have been a member of Charlie’s DOE for about 3 years. And I’m incredibly impressed with not only it as a marketing resource. But also the solid online business-building advice he offers. Underscoring all this is his commitment to helping people. In the crowds of online marketing gurus milling about on the web, Charlie stands out head and shoulders above most of them as genuine and trustworthy.

I’ve taken advantage of his coaching a few times and gotten great mileage from his suggestions.

Charlie also offers a complete hosting/autoresponder series coaching membership site – his Follow Up Selling System. His posts and videos will give you grounded, proven information for building a online business.

Charlie Page’s DOE

Charlie Page’s Follow Up Selling System


3. Nick Usborne’s Money-Making Website Course

I took this course a few years back and Nick continues to build on the excellent website building advice he offered in the original course. When you tap into Nick’s course, you also tap into the experience and skill of one of the most experienced online copywriters.

Nick is a great teacher and knows his stuff thoroughly.

In addition to Nick’s coaching that’s included with the course, you’ll get access to an engaged community of people working on their websites and sharing information.

 Nick’s Money-Making Website Course

These are the three online marketing coaches I recommend most highly for the kind of project you’re embarking on.

Until I add coaching to my services, this is where I recommend you head for great support and great learning systems that work.


If you have questions about any of these, please post it in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer them.





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  • Nicole

    Thanks for the insight. I am a relatively new blogger and I
    can’t agree with you more about trying things and learning lessons along the

    This sounds like a great referral list. Sandi’s course
    sounds particularly interesting.

    • Sarah

      Nicole, glad this helped! Good luck with your enterprise.

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