Exercise Depression Right Out Of You: Proof From A Rough Day!

by Sarah on May 2, 2012

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I didn’t want to get to work this morning.

I could not focus my mind on my first task. I couldn’t even think straight.

See, yesterday my husband and I had a rough conversation about a difficult topic.

I’m not going to get into the details. That’s between us.

But to make it worse, I’m not happy with how I conducted myself during the discussion.

And now all I want to do is repair the bridges I started breaking down.

Or watch a movie . . .

Or work in the garden . . . anything that can bring some good feeling back into my soul.

The last thing I want to do is stand in front of my computer.

But I have a huge to-do list and I can’t put it off today.

To be clear, taking care of this relationship I’ve built my life around comes first in my book. And I’ve been taking time for that as well. We’ve had a couple talks since yesterday that have helped to begin the healing process. And I’m sure we’ll spend some time together as the day progresses.

But some of the healing is in leaving him alone and taking care of things that need to be taken care of. Like business.

And I was struggling with that terribly.

So after doing my morning chores, fixing breakfast, shoeing the kids out the door to school, and talking to him a little more, I went outside and did my workout.

One More Benefit Of Activity – You Can Exercise Depression Right Out Of You

The last few posts I’ve sent to you have been about some powerful ways exercise can help you and (consequently) your home business.

The brain benefits of exercise are truly phenomenal – helping you with memory, focus, speed of processing and more.

And the ways it can invigorate you at work has no competition.

But today I’ve got to tell you, exercise can help heal a sore heart.

It impacts your mood. Several studies have documented how regular exercise – as little as 20 minutes a day – works better than an antidepressant medication in easing depression.

  • As Swedish researcher, Astrid Bjornebekk explains it, exercise’s ability to fuel new neuron growth is why it works as well as these drugs. In fact further research indicates that exercise may actually turn on several genes that impact the activity of the hippocampus area of your brain. The hippocampus is involved in mood, anxiety, depression and other messy areas of thinking.
  • Exercise floods your body with feel-good endorphins. And it seems to help boost the levels of brain neurotransmitters like dopamine – the same thing chocolate boosts – but without the caffeine or calories.

Now the posts I’ve sent out earlier document the research and even explain how exercise works this magic. But that’s nothing compared to seeing the results for yourself.

Today I was tired, frustrated with myself, distracted and feeling a little blue.

I went outside, did some laps around the yard interspersed with jumping rope and squat thrusts. Finished off with some stretching.

It didn’t take me more than 20 minutes.

And now I’m standing here working at my computer feeling strong, focused, energized – even hopeful and somewhat positive about the day.

I didn’t take any pill. I didn’t take a nap (although I’d love to!). I didn’t down a cup of coffee or eat some chocolate that will only make me feel worse later on.

It didn’t cost me anything. In fact it gave me more benefits than I could fill a book with.

And it made it possible for me to get going with my day.

The Exercise-Depression-Fatigue-Distractedness-And-Unproductivity-Right-Out-Of-You Challenge

Now, here’s what I want you to do with what I’ve just told you . . .

I’m going to turn my morning discovery back on you. In the form of a challenge.

I’ve inundated you with motivational material to help you get moving. You now know even more reasons you can’t afford not to make fitness part of your day.

You know you need to move. You know it will help you in every angle of your life, including building your business.

So no excuses.

I’ll be honest here – If you are not ready to make this commitment to yourself and your business, you’re not intent on really succeeding over the long haul.

You know you’ve got to get active. It is one of the most essential things you can do.

So I’m urging you to share in this powerful fuel that is getting me through today – as rough a day as it is.

Make the commitment to yourself. Your family. And your business. Just do it! Commit.


How I’m Going To Help You Commit To And Follow Through With This Challenge

But let me add something here . . . I’m not going to just shove you off into deep water and expect you to swim.

My guess is that like me and many other people you’ve had too many false starts. You’ve made commitments, joined gyms, set up exercise goals, bought new gear too many times to count.

So here’s what I’m going to do . . .

I want to give you the tools so you can use to take this motivation and turn it into action.

I want to show you step-by-step, with little  itty-bits of action, how you can literally sneak into your workday . . .

How you can build up activity in small increments cleverly integrated into how you work so you don’t have to gear yourself up mentally for the slog . . .

It’s an exercise strategy that will work with you and your home business.

It is one of the most powerful tools you can add to your office equipment.

It’s one that anyone who has struggled to develop a regular fitness routine can use to make it no longer a struggle to be active.

And I want to show you how to get it so you don’t abandon it a few weeks from now.

  • So you can get up any morning feeling out of sorts and restore yourself.
  • So you can fuel your business and watch it grow as you pour your new unstoppable energy into it.

And because I’m so impressed with what this little morning workout did for me this morning – so eager to help you access this incredible tool too –

I’m offering a special discount on the Healthy Home Biz System special report package – Fitting Fitness Into Your Workday.

Make sure you take a look. Because in fact you don’t get just one module in this package, but two. And when you put it all together you’ve got a thorough, powerful, motivating, step-by-step guide that will make it possible for you to make this commitment to yourself today.

But most importantly you’ll be able to follow through with it.

I want you to succeed. I know you can succeed. And I know with this your home business has even more chances to succeed.

So please, do yourself an incredibly big favor. Give yourself this gift. Equip yourself with the best tool out there for good living and business success.

To your health! (Even on the roughest days!)
And your home business success,


P.S. Don’t hesitate if you think this makes sense. So you won’t risk missing out on something that helped me get through this tough day, I’m taking away all the risk.

This comes with my 90-day  100% satisfaction guarantee.

Look, this morning when I got up I just wanted to turn around and curl up in bed. But I did something different. And that made all the difference. Use this resource and turn your day around as well.

Get Your Fitting Fitness In Package Now!


Yale University (2007, December 2). Newly-identified Exercise Gene Could Help With Depression. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 2, 2012, from http://www.sciencedaily.com­ /releases/2007/12/071202155304.htm

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  • Ann

    Thank you for this post, Sarah.  The timing of your background “story” was perfect and, though I’m sure very different circumstances, there had been a similar situation in my household this week.
    One of us went for a long walk and returned home having done a lot of  thinking, the other is finding it harder to deal with the heavy heart and the hurt. 
    We have both determined that exercise is something to build into our lives for many reasons – health of body, mind, emotions … and business.
    I’ll be breaking out your Fitness package and *really* getting into it this time … we both will.

    • Sarah

       Ann, so glad this was so timely. The good things in life – like relationships – are always a little challenging and messy.  I wish you well on the healing. A long walk (or several) can work a lot of good.

      As I mentioned in the last post, exercise is great for helping us with making good choices in how we behave and problem-solving, thanks to its impact on the prefrontal cortex.  So absolutely, put this multi-powered marriage-strengthener to use.

      Thank you for sharing your story here.

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