Better Than Your Morning Coffee – How To Get Your Morning Started Right For Success

by Sarah on May 7, 2011

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A wise person once said that the best endings start with a good beginning.

But if you’re depending on a cup of coffee to get your day going . . . you’re missing out on an essential element to determining how it ends.

Here’s the thing . . .

How many of your days draw to a close . . . And instead feeling ready to close up shop, you feel a mixture of dread, anxiety and frustration?

Like a bunch of slippery fish, the hours just streamed right through your fingers.

You sit there looking at your empty hands . . .

Your still-long to-do list catches your eye and not a single item is crossed off! . . .

You ruffle through your inbox’s too-high pile of papers . . .

And you wonder . . .

What happened to the day!?

Despite being “busy-busy” all day, you’re no closer to your goals or project completions.

It’s a terrible feeling, like a leaden blanket settling over your shoulders robbing you of both satisfaction at the end of the day. And confidence for tomorrow.

Every day you get envious looks from folks working in the “regular world” who commute to their jobs.

But you know the truth,

Running a home business ain’t easy.

In a “regular job”, you can just put your head down and get to work.  Your boss worries about the results and where the business is going. As long as you’re busy, you’re ostensibly doing a good job. You’re earning your keep.

Sure, there’s a need to show some results. But at least you’re not lazing around by the watercooler. And that counts for something in the workplace.

But when it’s your business, it’s different. No pretenses here.

It doesn’t matter how much sweat you’ve poured into your day. If you didn’t get something worthwhile done, you lose. Your business loses income. And if you’re not careful you could lose your business.

Even worse, a day without significant tasks done hits your confidence like a bucket of ice water. Can you really achieve success?

Believe me, these days hit every business owner. But it’s not luck, or brilliance or even hard work that saves business owners from this miserable ending.

Like most things, it takes strategy.

Now this strategy won’t necessarily prevent all the odds and ends of life and business from interfering with your best-laid plans.

But it works to make sure that without fail, you can end the day with a sense of satisfaction – not despair.

Essentially, the strategy rests on these two principles:

·    Make sure you start off your day by accomplishing something important for your business’ health.

·    Make sure the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.

And now I’ll give you three ways to put this to work in the context of building a healthy and successful home business:

1.    Start Your Day With Your Most Important Activity

I take many of my cues from fellow copywriters.  And this one is from Gary Bencivenga, considered one of the best copywriters perhaps ever.

Bencivenga points out how much he depends on getting a good hour of writing in when he first wakes up.

As he explains, no matter what happens later on in the day . . . If he’s done this, he’s accomplished at least an hour of essential work for the day.

Interestingly enough, as Bencivenga goes on to explain, this isn’t just his strategy. It’s something that other top dogs in my copywriting world do as well. From Clayton Makepeace to Dan Kennedy, the first hour of the morning is preserved for writing.

And they protect this first invaluable hour like a dog protects its bone.

Now you may be thinking, but I’m not a writer – will this work for me?

It will. Because if you dig into this strategy a little you can see how it expands to any profession and any business.  Bencivenga figured out that writing is his most valuable activity. He gets paid millions of dollars to write.

So he grabs that first hour to write.

But if writing is not your most valuable activity, do something else that’s equally important to you and your business.

Do something you know will pay you back tremendously.

Figure out one invaluable task you can do when you get up each morning that will move your business forward one hundredfold.

And then start your day with this important, essential, business-building task.

I take this another step.

Most mornings, I don’t write for my clients in my first hour of the day. I write for myself.

I write copy and content that I use to market and build my copywriting business or my other businesses.

It’s a tip I learned from another successful copywriter and businessman, Nick Usborne. He advised me to make sure I plan and prioritize time for my projects.

So think hard about what are the most important things you can do to build your business . . .

·    Is it planning a marketing campaign?
·    Writing a sales letter?
·    Setting up your social media posts for the day?
·    Reading a course you know will make all the difference to you?
·    Scripting an important phone call?

And make that the first thing you do when you get up.

Just like Bencivenga, you’ll find that no matter what happens to your day, you can have the satisfaction that at least one important thing got done that will move your business forward.

2.    Set The Tone Of The Day With Your Morning

By doing one important thing first, you certainly set a good tone for the workday.

But if you’ve spent enough time with me on the healthy home business journey, you know that conventional biz concerns aren’t the only things I depend on in building my business.

My business depends on me being sturdy and ready for action each day.

So the other thing I make sure I do every morning are these two better-than-coffee starts:

·    Set The Tone With A Short But Intense Round Of Exercise

It doesn’t have to be much. Just a few sets of short intense intervals and a little stretching for good measure. I usually take no longer than 15 minutes for this.

But, boy, does moving get things going in the right direction! Not only does it jumpstart your metabolism for a day of good calorie burning.

But it also wakes up your brain so you can really be firing with all cylinders right from the get go.

And here’s an extra incentive:

Recent research reveals that doing exercise before breakfast actually helps you stay trimmer and maintain healthier blood sugar levels than exercising after you’ve broken the fast.

·    Set The Tone By Eating Something Good For You

If there is a meal that you should really lavish attention on, it’s breakfast. Your body uses these calories and nutrients throughout the day.

Similarly, it really sets the tone for your day. A good breakfast is like telling yourself that – come what may – you’re going to nurture yourself and fortify yourself.

Your brain and your body will both perform better all day when you put the right fuel in it to begin with.

Better Than Coffee!

I’m not debating the merits of coffee itself here. That’s for another day.

But whatever your morning brew is, take these simple prescriptions with it.  This tried and true strategy will go much further than the fiercest cup of java.

I’ll be putting more details about this routine into a future report.

But suffice it to say, when you start things off well . . . you can’t help but end on a better note.

And it just gets better. Because . . .

Each good note you end the day on leads to an even better beginning the next morning.

What do you do to start the day off right? And how does it help the day work better for you overall? Please share your experiences!

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  • Andres Ortega

    Great post! Thanks! ;)
    I’ve been exercising way too much in the mornings and then in the afternoon… I just fall asleep… now I’ll start to making little exercise sessions between programming and reading hours!

    • Sarah

      Andres, I hadn’t thought about that but you’re right. A big exercise gig can just make you want to kick back and relax – if not sleep.  But the mini sessions can give you just enough to get you alert without feeling zonked

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  • Charlotte

    You and I are cut from the same cloth, Sarah, I’m always telling my students and clients to have some kind of morning routine that allows them to do their most important activity first.  So glad to have found you, I’m subscribing to your blog.

  • Fern Dickey

    You are saving my sanity at a bad time of my life. I thank you. ..

    • Sarah Clachar

      Wow, Fern, so sorry to hear that you’re having a tough time. So glad that the resources here have been helpful.

      Take it step by step. That’s the only way I know to get through what can sometimes seem overwhelming.

      You might also get some use out of this article on 6 Steps To Fight The Funk:

      I wish you well in getting through this.

      • Fern Dickey

        Thanks. Will read that now.

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