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While waiting for the birth of my first child, I thought I could do a million things with all that “extra” time that comes with maternity leave.

Naïve and ambitious, I started a quilt and agreed to edit a booklet I had written for work while away for those 2 months.

Little did I know what motherhood had in store for me and my plans!

Suffice it to say, while the booklet got edited (barely), fourteen years later the quilt is still unfinished in the closet.

On the other hand, in the years that followed from that first foolhardy endeavor, I have added to the mix one more child; a thriving freelance health copywriting business I run out of my home office; and a small farm that supplies a significant percentage of our food.

Working from home has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It allows me to be home when my kids are sick or have no school . . . I can feed the pigs midday or get some weeding done . . . and when my husband’s schedule coordinates with mine, we can go skating or biking at any hour we choose.

However, it’s not without its challenges. Getting my business up and running took a lot of false starts and lean weeks.  I’ve had some just-about sleepless nights to meet deadlines. And I’ve had that dismal feeling of facing bookkeeping while I listen to the rest of the family giggling as they watch a movie in the livingroom down the hall.

One of the challenges I didn’t expect – however – was the challenge my home business presented to my health.

Simply by sitting more, glued to the computer screen I started gaining weight that my farm work just couldn’t keep off.

When hit by the munchies when stressing over a tough assignment, I found myself nibbling on anything I could find in the kitchen.

And sleep – well I already confessed I’ve had a couple almost all-nighters.

Fortunately, my husband is an inveterate problem solver and brimming over with common sense wisdom.  And I’ve managed to put together some good tactics myself based on the info I’ve gathered as a professional health writer.

As a result, I’ve not only build my business steadily over the years but also stay sane and in shape while doing it.

Your Healthy Home Business was created so I could share these strategies and tactics with you – other home business owners.  And I also welcome your comments, questions, ideas, experiences and hard-earned insights.

Your Healthy Home Biz is also part of something bigger, my family fitness website , Fit Family Together.   Fit Family Together was created to help more families get healthier by spending more time together exercising.  There is nothing like being active together for strengthening bonds, parenting opportunities and more.

At this larger family fitness website you’ll find the bulk of the healthy home biz tips as well tips and inspiration for parents looking for more ways to exercise together as a family.

My health copywriter website, www.healthymarketingideas.com provides resources for natural health copywriters and marketers looking for ideas on how to grow their businesses through better marketing and copywriting.

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