7 Ways To Stand Up While You Work

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Did you know that sitting can kill you?

A recent study from the American Cancer Society found that people who sit 6 hours or more each day – no matter how much time they spend at the gym – tend to die sooner than people who sit 3 hours a day.

In other words, if you sit for 6+ hours a day, you’re likely to die sooner.

But not only that, sitting . . .

  • Robs you of energy;
  • Makes it hard to focus
  • And destroys your back.

Standing up – on the other hand – does just the opposite.

Standing up is a simple easy way to recharge, move a little and realign your spine.

And even though you’re bound to the computer with your work, there are plenty of ways to get work done while standing.

Like talking on the phone.  (In fact, standing while on the phone can make you sound and feel more confident!)

And you can even get some extra calories burned off by adding a few strategic moves when you sit.

So if you feel like you’re glued to your seat – stand up!

And to make it easier, I’ve put together this PDF chart to print out and post in your line of vision, just to remind you. (It helps me enormously!)

It’s also packed with ideas for how to add something to your standing up time so you can get even more zip.

See, I use it in my own office to keep me on my feet more . . .

standup%20chart edited 6 7 Ways To Stand Up While You Work


And to make it even better, along with the chart, I’m going to send you a short 14-page report, The Simplest, Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Waistline . . . Your Business . . . And Your Life.

This report describes the strategy I use every day as I run my successful health copywriting business from home.

It helps me get more done each day.  Because each day I use it I feel more energized and get more things done.

And so will you!

Not to mention it will help you get in shape while you work!

All you have to do is put your name and email info here and I’ll send you the download info pronto.


 7 Ways To Stand Up While You Work



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  • Jason

    Totally agree – I seem to have a lot more energy in the afternoons if I work on my feet (unless I wear the wrong shoes which then wipe me out). Now I just need a way to raise my enormous desk up about 3 feet.

    • Jared

      Hi Jason,

      I work as a sales and marketing director at giraffe. We specialize in acrylic desktop extensions. Using a giraffe would not require that you alter you existing desk at all since it is a desktop addition that is big enough to encompass your everything that is on your current desktop. Please check out our facebook page for more info. You can also email me directly at Jared@giraffedesk.com

      • Sarah

        Jared, thank you for sharing this.  Looks like  a pretty good solution!

    • Jared

      Hello Jason.

      My name is Jared Siskin and I am the Sales and Marketing director at a new design studio based out of New York City called “giraffe”. We have designed and built a desktop acrylic extension that enables you to double your work space, energy and life expectancy.  This comes in 1 piece and can be ordered in 2 sizes. We believe that giraffe will help to better the office world on a grand scale.  At this current time our website is being built but please check out our facebook page for more information about giraffe.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Giraffe/102645213161262

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