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Family Fitness Together: Getting Started With A Good Plan

by Sarah on October 15, 2010

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Family fitness makes so much in life easier and better.


But fitness for kids and parents together also takes a good plan.


You may have found your way to your site because you were looking for kids exercise tips, or ways to do more things together as a family or ideas on how to keep your kids (and you) eating well.


And you can find insights on all of these throughout this site.


But I’ve heard from quite a few visitors who are looking for a game plan – some guidance on how to get going with the idea of family and fitness together.


We’re working on this.  We’ve got a handbook for creating your family fitness game plan in the works.


But until that’s ready, here are my suggestions for getting the most out of this site . . .


If you’re still on the fence about how important exercise is for you – or if you need some material to convince your significant other or your kids – you might want to start with the section on the benefits of exercise.


Ready to go?  But not sure how to get yourself and the rest of your crew moving?  Go to the kids exercise tips and tactics.  I suggest in particular you look at the article F.I.T. Family Strategy.  It will give you a good overall strategy.


Looking for some specifics on activities? Go to our section on kids exercise ideas and plans.  Here you’ll find a host of fun activities sprinkled with our own personal experiences. You’ll find tips her for taking family bike rides and family hiking; swim fitness and winter kids activities.  Plus we’ve organized it by age.  We start at prenatal exercises (yes, get going right at the start!) and keep going . . . 


Got an activity in mind but need the right equipment? Go to our section Exercise Equipment: Fitness Essentials For Family Fun Here you’ll find our reviews on equipment, strategies for using it and the why’s behind getting the right equipment.


Trying to get your kids to eat better and find some delicious ideas for the family kitchen?  The right food can make all the difference in your energy levels, your enjoyment of activity and your results.  You can get strategies, recipes and nutritional information at Exercise Food For the Family.


Looking to get away and not get too far away from your fitness goals?  Check out our descriptions of active family vacations.  Not only do we profile some of our favorites but we provide some ideas for how to keep fitness part of your travel plans.


Need some inspiration? Check out Family Fitness In the News.  Here we bring together stories about what families around the globe are doing to stay fit together, resources for fitness-focused family, and current events that can impact fit families.


And with all these sections we welcome your comments, questions, topic suggestions, and additions. 


In fact, if you have a specific tactic, story, activity, vacation spot . . .you know, anything that has to do with family and fitness together – send it in!


Just send it to us with your name and contact information (email) so we can contact you for clarification and editing purposes and we’ll add it to this exciting mix.


When you put some of these pieces together, you’ll end up with a plan for doing fitness together as a family that helps you all get stronger and more together-er than ever.

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