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Family Fitness Is Not Just About Kids – Think Couple Time!

by Sarah on October 17, 2010

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Okay, so much of family fitness is about getting active with your kids.  The strategies you’ll read here at focus on how to exercise with your kids, how to get your kids exercising and how to reap the family benefits from this.


But hey, this isn’t just for kids . . . or "for the kids" as we so often rationalize our choices.


Family fitness is a great thing for couples.


For sure, most of the time you’ll be wheeling around on your bikes with kids in tow.  Or running and skipping up the road with the wee ones in a stroller or weaving around you.


But just as you’re creating a wonderful tradition for how to spend time together as a family, you’re creating a wonderful way to be together as a couple.


My husband and I went on a bike ride for our first date and we met while we were exercising in Prospect Park.


Biking, running and hiking continued to course through our dating days.  Our enjoyment of activity was one of things we shared as a couple.  And while the intervening years brought on bike seats, trail gators and baby backpacks, we still were enjoying being active together as a couple.


In fact, whenever tensions rose, our family bike rides became a way we could touch back to our early connection.  We could glance over our kids heads and smile at each other, both appreciating the athlete we’re sharing the road and the challenges of parenting with.


And as our kids get older now, more independent and giving us a little more independence, we’re taking a few hours for biking dates, hiking times and even simply going outside together to toss the Frisbee around.


Further down the road, when our ever-growing kids end up leaving us for their own paths, we’re anticipating being able to enjoy our time together as a couple while taking care of our health.


So along with getting into family fitness for your own health and your kids health . . . on top of enjoying the stronger family bonds and parenting opportunities that come with doing physical activity together . . . enjoy the way that family fitness together helps strengthen the ties that bind you two together as well.

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