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Family Fitness Food Recipe: Get Up and Get Going Pancakes

by Sarah on October 16, 2010

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Plenty of weekends, we enjoy a good pancake breakfast and then, after a little digestion, hit the trails.  These pancakes will keep you nourished and moving along.  We love them with our home-made maple syrup and mountain-picked blueberries.


The night before, mix.  (In a pinch, you can mix this 20 minutes before with slightly heated milk): 


  1 c. rolled oats

   1 c. yogurt

   3 c. milk


Mix in a large bowl:


    1 1/3 c. all purpose flour

    1 1/3 c. ww pastry flour

     ½ c. buckwheat flour

     6 t. baking powder

     1 t. baking soda

     ¼ t. salt

     ½ t. cinnamon

                                                        1/3 c. sugar


Separate 8 eggs, mixing the yolk in with the oats and the whites in a separate bowl.  Add 1 t. vanilla. 


Beat the whites until stiff.


Mix oats mixture into flour mixture.

Fold in egg whites.


Cook on a greased griddle.


Hint:  I often double or triple the recipe and freeze extra pancakes for snacks or more rushed mornings.  But leave out blueberries, the pancakes with them don’t freeze as well.

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