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Exercise Food For the Family

by Sarah on October 15, 2010

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The right exercise food makes all the difference in making family fitness fun and getting results.


Without proper nutrition, exercise can really become a drag. With good nutrition you can really enjoy exercise’s benefits. 


The right fuel keeps you going . . .


And keeps your hard work intact. 


(How frustrating to blow a good afternoon of sweating together with the wrong post-workout meal or snack!)


For kids, nutrition is even more crucial since their bodies are growing as well as busy moving . . .


So here we include information, tips, product reviews and recipes for keeping your family eating well so you can exercise well.


And – with kids on board – the "yum" factor is even more important.  So we make sure that the ideas included here will tickle even the discerning palate delightfully.


When kids exercise, they need the right foods even more. Because not only are they fueling their bodies, they’re growing too. This food creates the foundation for their entire life to come.


You’ll find plenty of places to provide your own feedback and ideas.  Please add your dish to the virtual potluck here!


Together we can create a great place for families to find exercise food that keeps everyone moving and grooving!

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