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Day 1 Of The Fit Family Together Family Fitness Challenge

by Sarah on August 7, 2012

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This is the first part of a 7-Day Family Fitness Challenge, a great way to get your family started with family fitness.

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7-Day Family Fitness Challenge


Welcome to the Fit Family Together 7 Day Challenge!

I’m so glad you’re joining my family and hundreds of other families as we turn fitness into a family thing. You’re in for a real treat -

See family fitness has the potential to energize your family life and strengthen your family bonds like nothing else.

And this challenge/planning process will help you make this happen.

By the time this week is done, you will have

Created a complete family fitness plan for getting started; And
Laid the groundwork to get your whole family motivated and excited about being active together.

Read through this email carefully because at the end I have a very important first step for you to take that will really get this process rolling!

But before we get there I want to let you in on a few of my personal experiences with family fitness and why I’ve become such a passionate advocate for it . . .

Why Family Fitness Means So Much To Me

When my husband and I went on our first date – it was a bike ride. Both of us loved moving and being outside.

However, when our first child came, I worried that this would mean the end of much of what we loved to do together.

However, my husband is a very determined person.

Within a few months we had a jogging stroller that we used for jogging and rollerblading (only recommended if you’re extremely skilled on blades!)

And by the time our daughter could sit up we had a bike seat.

By sneaking in pushups and swinging my daughter up in the air and doing yoga stretches while I blew on her belly, we managed to keep our lives active. And stay in shape.

When our second child came, we continued the tradition, just getting a little more creative in our configurations so we could all get out and moving.

Lucky for me, we managed to make fitness work so that I could get back into shape after each pregnancy and stay in shape as our kids grew up.

But what I didn’t expect is this . . .

By making fitness a family thing integrated fully into our lives, we also gained in two other very special ways:

1. We spent more time together.

Rather than having to find a gym with childcare, or getting up before everyone to sneak a run in, fitness was just another way to be together.

I watch with dismay as the world speeds up and families fall apart on the wayside. So I’m forever thankful for the tremendous amount of time we spend together through family fitness.

2. We’ve grown stronger as a family and helped our children grow stronger in spirit.

Fitness is fun. But it also is full of opportunities for good life lessons – taking on a challenge, coming back from failure, learning to cooperate, learning to compete, overcoming fear, and much more.

The world isn’t easy. Fitness provides perfect opportunities within a safe structured environment for you as parents to help your children grow stronger.

Family fitness can give your children a sturdy sense of self-respect and confidence that can help you breathe easier as a parent.

These are two essentials of a good family life. As a parent I treasure that I was able to have them through family fitness.

And it is because of these gifts, along with good health, that I care so much about sharing this information with other families who are looking for it.

You’re about to embark on a potentially family-changing, life-changing week.

So here’s your first assignment on this challenge:

First Family Fitness Assignment:

What do you want to get out of family fitness? This is important because while we give you lots of tips for making it easier, it’s not always easy.

You’re going to need a clear picture of what you want from family fitness to keep you going and keep the rest of your family on board with you.

Take a moment and really think. Close your eyes. Make a mental picture of how you see your family life with fitness a part of it. How you see yourself with family fitness in the picture?
Make this especially real by writing it down. Get a few pages of a notebook or journal. Write it on your computer.

Make it a family activity. Maybe it’s just you and your spouse. Or maybe you can get your kids involved too. You may decide to do this in two parts – one on your own and as a first step to engaging the rest of the family on this venture.

Sit down together and discuss why you’d like to do more active things together. Reading an article together from the ones listed above can be a good jumpstart.

Also, there’s another spot you can use for rallying group support. Post a message about your reasons for family fitness on the Fit Family Together Facebook Page.

Savor this vision because you’re going to build on it tomorrow!

See you tomorrow with the next part of this challenge!

To strong bodies and even stronger families!

Sarah and the Fit Family Together Team

P.S. It would be great to connect on Facebook. But if you don’t have a Facebook account but would like to share your motivations with me, you can go to the home page and write your motivation down in the comments section.

You may inspire someone else to take the challenge!

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