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Can You Do This?

by Sarah on November 5, 2010

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"Can you do this?" my son demanded as made a thumbs’ up sign and then further bent his thumb at the joint in a very curious angle that none of us could replicate.


"No, but can you do this?" my daughter countered as she wiggled her ear.


"Uh huh." Soon ears were wiggling all over the kitchen.


We just spent a full hour demonstrating our various weird and wacky skills and challenging each other to match us.


My husband can roll his tongue in all kinds of unusual ways and roll his belly like a belly dancer.


My son can whistle like our turkeys and make strange pops with the back of his mouth.


And my daughter can dexterously lift one eyebrow in the way made famous by James Bond actor, Sean Connery.


And while you may not immediately recognize the family fitness benefit in bending toes at weird angles or making Daffy Duck sounds, it’s as good as it gets when it comes to having fun together as a family and developing a real appreciation for our physical abilities.


Sure we’re not getting much cardio out of it.  (Although I certainly was puffing a bit trying to imitate my husband’s two-fingered whistle.)


And strength is not the number one name of the game – although some mighty strong tongues were on display.


But nonetheless our kids were having a wonderful time declaring how amazing their bodies are.  And challenging themselves in new ways to use their body to makes weird noises and tie their fingers in knots.


And as a family we were cracking up at each other’s attempts to imitate each other.


So here’s another way to spend an hour together – maybe it’s a rainy day and you can’t go out.  Maybe it’s just after lunch and no one’s wandered off yet to do their own thing . . .


Simply start by saying, "Can you do this" and demonstrating your most bizarre physical skill.


Oh yeah, and if you’re wondering about my special skill?  I repeatedly came up blank when it came to these challenges.  On the other hand, now that the challenge is on . . . I may be spending some of my free time perfecting turkey calls and trying to touch my nose with my tongue.

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    What a family every one can do a unique stunt, interesting. But i can the last trick your daughter and James Bond do by lifting one eyebrow higher while second going down.

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