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Bug Clothing: The Chemical-Free Way To Enjoy the Outdoors . . . Without Bites

by Sarah on October 18, 2010

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What would we do without our bug clothes? They have become staples in our active outdoor life.

Years ago, I wrote an article about the health risks of DEET. But Lyme disease and West Nile Virus, not to mention the plain annoyance of itchy bug bites, made it imperative that we find something else.

Hence the bug clothing.

Bug clothing is simply clothing that has been constructed out of fine bug mesh that allows you to stay cool while bugs stay out.

We have bug shirts with hoods, bug pants, and separate hoods to wear over a hat during black fly season (black flies seem to love the top of your body and neglect the lower half).

Our bug shirts go with us everywhere – hikes and bike rides, canoeing and doing yard work. Often they’re just stuffed in a backpack in case we hit a particularly buggy zone.

For years, my kids lived in swimsuits and bug shirts. They could still prance around the yard in their favorite summer gear without getting too hot or too bitten. Bug pants fit nicely over a pair of shorts as well.

Occasionally we’ll add a few drops of a soybean oil-based bug repellent like All-Terrain to add some extra protection.

A few tips in purchasing bug clothing:

  1. Get them super big. You want the fabric to keep bugs away from your body. If the bug shirt or pants is too close-fitting, mosquitoes can stick their proboscis right through and still snack on you.
  2. Look for easy to adjust elastics at the cuffs and waists so you can close out any critters.
  3. Look for ones that come with a hood.

With your bug suit on, you can say “Phooey” to the biting ninnies out there and enjoy the outdoors to the max.

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