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The Best Spring Footwear For Family Fitness And More

by Sarah on April 10, 2013

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I’m about to save you much pain and suffering.

I’m about to save your knees, ankles, quads, and back – maybe your teeth.

This tip may save you from missing out entirely on summer fun because you’ve been benched with an injury.

Because I’m about to tell you about the best spring footwear you can have.

Shoes that every woman, man and child should wear every time they set foot outside to play. Especially in the spring or after a good rain.

Years ago we invested in these and they’ve become a staple . . . and a lifesaver.

What are these fantastic shoes that should appear on your feet once the April showers arrive?

Football cleats. Or lacrosse cleats.

P1011554 300x225 The Best Spring Footwear For Family Fitness And MoreWhat?!

Oh yeah, I know they’re not fashionable. But here’s why you should keep reading as if your life depends on it.

Why Football Cleats Are Essential For Family Fitness And Beyond

In most regards I love spring.

But if there is one seasonal fixture that makes me hate spring – it’s the injuries. I hate the injuries that come with our sudden urge to get active after a long sedentary winter. Most of us have neglected to build the protective muscles we need to buffer us from the wear and tear of activity.

And yet, we get inspired by the return of warmth, the birds and the Rocky theme going in our head to go outside and start sprinting.

To make things worse, this danger is compounded by the slick slopes of defrosting earth, further soaked by those good ole April showers.

For this reason it’s critical you think smart and careful.

Building your leg muscles and back muscles is one part of the spring injury-prevention recipe.

And these ungainly shoes are another. They keep my footing sure and make sure I don’t do a spontaneous split while tossing the football around after school. 

And even better, with their high tops, they give my ankles a little extra support so I don’t end up ripping a ligament as my foot twists in a game of tag.

Beyond Family Fitness

Football cleats are not only for smart spring soccer players and playful primavera-inspired parents.

They are fantastic for mud-season chores.

When spring hits, our farm gets busy. We’re cleaning the yard, boiling maple sap, fixing up the barn, fencing and chicken coops. And getting the garden growing.

As a general rule, we try to make sure all shoes come off at the kitchen door to keep the dirt down. But it’s annoying as anything when you forget your seeds or want a gulp of water to have to take off your shoes, take care of your one-minute task, and then put them back on.

We’ve tried a lot of alternatives – shoe covers, clogs, shallow shoe baths and rough doormats.

All of these work to some extent – but the shoe covers get lost, the clogs are terrible for running if  a hawk swoops down on the chickens and the shoe baths just makes the muddiness a little less thick.

However, with the football cleats, you can stomp off and use the rough doormat and then walk inside leaving very little dirt. It’s not an absolute replacement for taking off your shoes at the door – that’s the best.

But it’s the best alternative we’ve found so far. And now that we’ve added this secure footwear to our yardwork, it makes wheelbarrow shoving and chicken herding that much easier on our bodies.

Go Get Your Smart Extra Safe Spring Footwear Now!

At Fit Family Together, we are always urging you to get out and move with your family. But do it smart, so you can keep moving throughout spring, into summer, fall and keep it up through winter.

These shoes help you take care of your older, less flexible and resilient body.

(Bonus hint: With football season on the wane, you might even find these on sale!)

Go outfit your whole family – but especially you older, tightly-ligamented parents!


my pic YHHB edited 1 The Best Spring Footwear For Family Fitness And MoreAbout Sarah Clachar And Fit Family Together

Since expecting their first Since expecting their first child, Sarah and her husband Cassius have made fitness a core part of their family life. From biking to hiking . . . from the heart of New York City to a farm in New England, they have found a way to stay active together. And through all this exercising as a family they discovered that family fitness builds not only strong bodies – but stronger families.

A professional health writer with a BA in biology, gardener and foodie Sarah brings a wealth of expertise in nutrition and health. A personal trainer and inveterate tinkerer, Cassius brings innovation to making family fitness work.

Ready to make family fitness part of your family life? Take the Fit Family Together 7 Day Family Fitness Challenge and put your own family fitness plan together.


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