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Benefits of Exercise

by Sarah on October 15, 2010

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It may seem like this goes without saying – exercise is good for you.


It’s great for you physically


But it’s also fantastic for your emotions and for your family togetherness . . .

And it’s amazing medicine for keeping your mind healthy.


The thing that can really get you going (and this is especially for kids) is understanding  why it’s good for you. 


Like with everything, that "Why?"  question is going to just pop out of their mouths, as in "Why do we have to exercise?"


(And if you’re like me, after a long day it will pop into your mind as well!)


You want to be well-prepared with answers that will keep your eyes on the prize and make your kids into allies, too. 


Interestingly enough, kids really do like to know that things in their life are good for them.  It brings them great comfort and even gives them a little hint of super hero power coursing through their veins. 


But they want more than a pat response, "It’s good for you."  They want to know the ins and outs. For adults and kids, one of the biggest convincers for getting someone to do something is giving them the reason why.


So these pages are packed with information about how exercise helps.  And in many places we include kid-friendly explanations.

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  • Liverpool Wellbeing

    Regular exercising makes your heart, like any other muscle, stronger. A stronger heart can pump more blood with less effort.

  • Removal London

     Exercise is really one of the best thing that you should consider for become physically and mentally strong.  It will gives you immune power and also makes you stress free. You can be fit and healthy all the time. There are plenty of benefits of doing regular exercise but you have to do it properly.

  • Anonymous

     Exercises are so good for the human health it play amazing role in the human life to solve so many diseases such as you can control your weight,exercises are so good to prevent the cancer and heart attack problems so it helps to control the various problem. Do exercises and stay healthy.

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