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About Us

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Fitness and health are a big part of our lives.

small pic About UsSarah is professional health writer published in magazines like Health and Mothering.  She’s also a former health educator with a B.A. in biology.  An avid gardener, she’s the only one in the family on skis when it snows. (the rest are snowboarders).

P1010262 About UsC spent years as a personal trainer, swim instructor and lifeguard.  He’s also worked as a youth counselor with at-risk youth.  He once raced mountain bikes and now has moved to snowier terrain as an avid snowboarder. He’s also an accomplished kick-boxer.

Our children, Hannah* and George*, are two solid dynamos.  After years of trying to find ways to keep up the pace of our workouts with little ones along, the tables are now turning.  They now set the pace and we have to work to keep up with them.  I’ve always joked that they are our personal trainers and they have certainly done their job well at all ages.

your healthy home biz 002 About Us

Fitness has been an integral part of our family.  Our first date was a bike ride. And this has continued through marriage, babies and as these babies have grown up into two athletic tigers.

But despite this being a big part of what we each enjoyed doing before having a family, it’s still been a challenge.  We’ve had to be each other’s trainers and cheerleaders.  C (or as I affectionately call him, “my Vitamin C”) in particular has been the one who keeps us doing “just a little” each day.

As we’ve all grown as a family, we realized how much these incremental, consistent activities have helped us stay healthy.  Sure, sometimes we’ve put on a little extra pounds here and there.  We’ve faced injuries, illness and other life complications that have undermined our fitness routine.  But each time we’ve managed to get back to our family fitness activities.

When we’ve faced tough economic times, we realized that no matter what, our health is tantamount for building our future. For us it’s our most precious asset. And we’ve kept going with our family fitness.

And interestingly enough, each time it’s helped us get stronger as a family and able to contend with whatever life throws at us.

Bear in mind, though.  As much as we put health and fitness center stage in our family routine, our approach is moderate and flexible. It’s doable for any family.

The Fit Family Together Program is for everyone – people who have been active all their lives and people who are just starting.

Fit Family Together focuses on ways to fit fitness and family into our hectic lives . . . as well as how to tone down our hectic lives a bit in order to keep our families healthier.

When we’re not biking, hiking, running, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, swimming or in some other way exploring the hills of Northern New England, we’re tending our small homestead farm.

*Names changed for safety’s sake

  • Donna Johnson

    Love what you are doing. Definitely would like to chat with you, Sarah. Got your email about the WAHMs WIN launch event. I am Donna Johnson, the founder, and Tamyka Washington is the Co-Founder.

    Also, hope to see you on the launch call tomorrow.

  • admin

    Donna, thank you for the kudos!

  • Anonymous

    Sarah, would love to post some of your ideas as part of a bigger compiled list which is not outlined in your guidelines. Could you please advise as to how to do this? I would love to share your excellent content! 

  • Sarah


    Just caught this comment.

    If it’s part of a larger list, just make sure you credit us as a source with a link back. Thank you for sharing these ideas!