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A Jogger’s Stroller: What to look for in a baby jogging stroller

by Sarah on October 18, 2010

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Getting out with your babe is a wonderful feeling.  If you were a walker or a runner before pregnancy, you can’t wait to get back in the action.


But you definitely want to get a stroller that makes it easy for you to jog while providing the necessary safety for your child.


So here’s what you should look for in a baby jogging stroller:

  1. Hand brakes that are comfortable and easy to reach.
  2. Durable large wheels. This provides even more stability.
  3. A safety hand leash.  You put this loop over your hand to insure that if for some reason you loose your grip on the stroller it doesn’t roll off down the hill.
  4. A nice awning to keep out sun and rain on occasion.  A nice button down rainguard that can enclose the stroller area completely to keep out wind and weather is also good.
  5. Easy to fold up.  The model I had with my kids was not made for subways.  But the latest models have become more portable and versatile.
  6. Now they have strollers that convert easily to bike trailers – what a two-for-one bargain! Especially easier when you’re traveling!


We used our stroller everywhere around Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It was easy to take off the road as well and allowed us to keep moving.  And, while I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, my husband who is an expert rollerblader, pushed it with skates on on many occasion.

I still have memories of my daughter’s delighted look with the wind in her face as they passed other speed roller bladers – much to their chagrin!


So find a good jogger’s stroller – and take your baby jogging!

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