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A Compelling Reason to Exercise

by Sarah on October 16, 2010

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Why exercise?


Simple question.  Simple answer:  "Because it’s good for you."  But even with that logic, so many of us still have a hard time getting down to it.  Even for my husband and I, avid exercisers, it’s sometimes tough.


I provide plenty of articles detailing the benefits of exercise and exercise motivation ideas for your family.


But let’s take a different approach – let’s get down to brass tacks.


Lately we’ve all been embroiled in the health care debate.  This debate plus the current economic meltdown has highlighted the uncertainty so many of us feel about health care.


Having health insurance gives us a sense of security that some people view as a right, many view as essential and all of us can agree will make life more predictable and safe.


But even the best health insurance won’t protect you from disease, disability and eventually death.


Sure some drugs or surgery or other interventions may stave things off a bit.  Having access to that can help.


But they won’t really stop you from being at risk for heart disease.  Or cancer.  Or breaking your hip. 


What will unquestioningly help you to keep these health issues out of your life is actually taking care of your health. 


Ultimately your best health insurance is what you do today to take care of your health.


And keep this in mind:  Even if you can get surgery or drugs to intervene when you face a particular health challenge, modern medicine – with all its wonders – still can’t restore a broken body to wholeness.  It can maybe help a bit in the healing process, but it’s nutrition and good living that does the big part of this work.


And even so, when you have heart disease or cancer – you’re body will have gone through a trauma that has taxed it, depleted it to some extent – no matter how well you recover.


Your body – and the nutritional healing tools that have evolved with it for tens of thousands of years – is the best service center you’ve got for keeping you in good shape.  It is the best at preventing illness and helping you recover.  Nothing – not a good insurance policy, the best medical care – nothing, will replace what you can do yourself.



We put money we’ve worked for into retirement, 401K’s, IRA’s . . .We pay for health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance . . .


We make these worthwhile investments and then we go and do something counterproductive like eat a lot of junk food and neglect our body.   Is that a sound investment strategy?


So when you’re looking for a reason to get up and move.  Think of it as another investment.  Time well spent.


Think of how much you love your children and want to spend time with them, able to actively enjoy each other’s company for a long time to come. 


Think about time with your spouse, how you will be able to relax with each other, explore new places and go on adventures well into your senior years together.


Think about all the things you love to do – read, travel, eat, tinker, sing – whatever you like to do.  You can do it more and longer if you’re healthy.


So don’t shortchange your most important investment.


Don’t cut yourself out of the best health insurance policy there is.


Eat something good and get up and move.


If there’s a reason to exercise, this is it.

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