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5 Games to Play With Water And Get Cooled Off!

by Sarah on July 15, 2011

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Last week we dove into swimming games . . . and boy, are those essential when summer hits.

But some days you can’t get to the local waterhole.

Nothing is more miserable than feeling dry as a desert when the temp gets in the high 80′s and beyond.

However, just because you can’t get to a pool doesn’t mean you can’t stay cool while you get active. Just add some water form a hose or sink or even a water bottle.

If you’ve got some outdoor space and a little portable water, you’re gonna’ love these 5 games to play with water.

And don’t be dismayed if you don’t have a back yard. Some of these can even be played at a park with a water fountain or spigot nearby.

Games To Play With Water #1: Dunk Dunk Goose

Everyone knows Duck Duck Goose – right? How about Dunk Dunk Goose?

This is played almost the same way as Duck Duck Goose – with a little splash of water added to it.  Everyone sits in a circle and the person who is It has a cup of water. It walks around the circle saying “Dunk, Dunk . . . ” touching each person’s head as they move around. When they get to the person they are going to designate as Goose, they not only say “Goose” but they also spill the cup of water over the person’s head.

The “Goose” jumps up and chases It around the circle. If the pursuer can tag It before he or she sits down in their spot, then the person who was It sits in the middle of the circle and doesn’t get to come out until someone replaces them. The Goose then becomes It. Refill the cup of water and start over.

Note: Make sure you use a simple paper or light plastic cup since you don’t want a hard cup that will hurt when it gets tossed or dropped in the heat of the game.

Games To Play With Water #2: Squirt Gun Relay

Nothing like a race to make you want to cool off with a squirt gun shoot off!

Two teams line up side by side. Make a finish line at your chosen length away and place two squirt guns at this point, filled with water.

When the race starts, the two competitors have to race to the finish line, do a designated set of calisthenics (10 jumping jacks, 20 situps, 10 pushups, etc.) and then as soon as they are done they can grab the squirt gun and squirt their competitor before racing back.

Games To Play With Water #3: Wet Sponge Toss

Housecleaning will never be the same after this game with sponges . . .
Get a (nice and clean!) big sponge and a couple buckets of water. Dunk the sponge in the bucket and then toss it to your partner. After each successful toss (and delicious splash) take a step back and try for a longer distance.

To get really complicated, you can get two sponges going at once so you have to coordinate throwing and catching.

Games To Play With Water #4: Cool-It-Off Tag

My kids loved this game that really was simply a spontaneous chase-me game.  If you have a little wading pool, make it base. Now, play the game of tag just like you always did except that now to get away from It, the kids can jump into the wading pool and sit there giggling as you lurk around the perimeter.

Just be a little cautious – if the wading pool’s bottom is too slippery and the action gets too rambunctious, you may need to call this one off since a jump into the pool can turn into a slip.

Games To Play With Water #5: Hose Limbo

You’ve probably played limbo before or seen it with a broom handle or stick.  This time, instead of a broom, hold the hose so that the water is squirting straight across.

And then one at a time, the participants try to get under the hose by arching their back, bending their knees and walking under the hose without hitting the water spray.

You cannot twist to the side or crawl on the ground. Only by arching your back, leaning backwards and bending your knees can you get to the other side successfully.

With each round the stream of water is lowered slightly. The winner is the person who can get under the lowest level.

Beat The Heat By Playing With Water

In addition to these games, nothing beats these simple fun ways to cool down and move with water:

·    Running through a simple sprinkler
·    Grabbing the hose and moving it sharply back and forth so the water winds around in the air like a snake.
·    Several hot hot days, we lined up a few old tarps on a slope and placed a hose just to the edge for a nice slippy slide.
·    Or simply get a bunch of squirt guns and chase each other down.

Sometimes you can’t make it to a swimming spot and the heat is just turning you into a wad of glue – stuck on the couch, chair or anywhere you can rest. Moving around and getting some activity is the last thing you can imagine doing.

However, you can beat the heat and inertia with these fun games to play with water.

Enjoy! Have any games to add to the list? Share them with us all?

  • Amy

    These are some great ideas for my little swimmers.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah

    Amy, glad you like them. Stay cool!

  • Kyla Odle

    I like the dunk dunk goose one.

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